Friday, 21 July 2017

God's Timing

So this week has been kinda crazy with transfers and all that good stuff.  Before I left Flin Flon I had one last lesson with Evan, and it was probably the best one we've had yet even if he did almost former us... We got in there and we talked for a bit, then he brought up all his doubts and how it’s not the right time for him right now and there’s too much going on really to get to into this.  So we tried to help him see that even though the timing for you might not be the best in your eyes, god must think this is the right time because he brought us to you.  I told him about how before my mission I was doing all this stuff with my friends and how I could have easily stayed behind and not come out here, but I didn’t.  Even though the time to me wasn’t right I knew that god knew this was the time I needed to come out, even if it was going to be hard to leave all this behind.  So I came to the call even though I had everything else going on in my life.  I went into more detail then but that’s the main idea of what I told him, and it seemed to have an impact on him because we are still meeting with him!
Thursday I believe it was I got put with my new comp Elder Thomasson from Washington State, he lives in the tri cities, 20yrs old and has a looottttttt of energy ha-ha and you who know me well know how good I am with high energy people... but he means well and we are getting along good, just got a few things to work out since I’m his step dad with training.  He still has all his old trainers ideas in his head and isn’t too good with adjusting to how I train, with time I hope we can work something out though.
First hr. in Neepawa I spent in a lesson with an older couple Ed and Marilyn, they are great!  You have to yell at Ed though so he can hear us ha-ha so it’s hard to make things spiritual.  We are so close to having them baptized, but Ed has been baptized already and doesn’t see why he should do it again.  But they came to church and they have us over every other day for a lesson, so in time they will get in the water.
the second day here I made Thomasson walk all over ha-ha and on the way home we had this younger guy Brain pull over on the side of the road asking if we wanted to talk! So we said yeah!  we got in and he took us out to eat, then we spent the next 2hrs in his car parked talking to him about the character of Christ and the afterlife, and also how the B of M contradicts the bible even though he’s never read the B of M.... but it was a very interesting 2hrs with him.  He was on his way to help with a bible camp called valley view bible camp, it’s up in Clearwater Lake.  So he knew the bible pretty well.  We didn’t get home till 10:00.....
Gave a talk in church here yesterday on the blessings of being a missionary.  it was a little over time by the time I finished it all believe it or not ha-ha 20min isn’t enough time to talk any more I guess.  We have church in our Apt, it’s the coolest thing!  After church we all get together and have a big dinner and visit for a while.  The Branch or Unit as they call themselves is great!! Bro Julius he brought a soup with testicles in it, he called it nut soup ha-ha so we had a bit of that.
So far things up here in Neepawa are great! People are nice, Apt is super nice, and the Unit is great!  I think I might like it here!
Well that’s really all for the week!
Love you all, talk to you next week!
Some of his letter to me:
It super nice here. Kinda feel like I’m in the Philippines ha-ha they are 90% of the pop up here, but they are the best!!!
BRO Angell told me he called you ha-ha that’s cool!  I really miss Flin Flon, never thought I’d say that but it’s really cleared a spot in my heart I guess.  Going to miss that branch and all the people back there I got to know. 
Can’t believe I’ve been out 5 months already!!!! Neither can Sister Judy Smith. (I love that we have couple missionaries out taking care of my boy that we know)

Monday, 10 July 2017

Neepawa, Mb

Hey sorry about missing last week. Not too much has happened in the Flon in the past two weeks, so you didn’t miss much.
So if you remember Evan the guy that seems super promising and had his dad with him from Calgary.  We have met with him probably 5-6 times now and he is the first progressing investigator I’ve had since I got to the Flon.... So that’s pretty nice! 
A family in the branch, the Drennan’s, had their basement flood, so we have been out there quite a bit lately pulling up old floor and all that good stuff! So that’s been keeping us busy.  We are going over there tonight to help them move out of that place.  Guess it’s too much work for them right now and they are just going to leave it for whoever will take the place and go someplace else from what I understand. Which kind of sucks...
Did a lot of service out in Denare for bro Angell this week and last week.  We cut lots of wood for him. 
The carpet here in the church was changed to some newer stuff over the past 2 weeks.  the people working on it aren’t members so they were smoking in the building a bit and they even ate our sacrament bread out of the fridge ha-ha  so that caused a bit of a problem.  We are pretty sure they lived at the church when they were doing the carpet here.  They had a clothes line out in the trees and they had food in the fridge and the lady was making food one night we came to the church.  But they are gone now and the church is back in its original form!
A few days ago we were out doing some work on our potentials list and one guy we came to was a little disabled and couldn’t walk very well and his big dog got out and was raising hell up and down the streets barking at everything.  But the guy wasn’t too worried about him, he’s like "ah he’s all bark, and no bit in him” so we were like okay I guess we won’t get him for ya.  So on our way out the dog of course starts to follow us and bark at us as we walk away, and this is a big freaking dog so every time he barks you can feel the ground shake ha-ha and Lewis he’s losing his mind and is trying to get away from this dog by running around me to keep me between him and the dog and imp laughing at him the whole time, he’s like "dude this dog is going to kill us!!" so finally we get out of view of this guy’s house and I kick the dog right in the face and he goes off yelping, doesn’t come back to bug us.  Lewis was so amazed that I did that ha-ha he hasn’t been able to not bring it up when we talk to branch members or investigators. He thinks that was crazy. Ha-ha so that was fun!
Earlier this week we had a lesson with a guy named Richard we have been meeting with off and on.  He has some buddies that live down stairs of his place and they are always drunk when we come over, but we usually don’t see much of them.  This time we saw a lot of them during the lesson.... They come up wanting to meet us and all that which we have done pretty well every time we go over there, they just don’t remember.  So we meet them again and they leave, for a bit... then they come back up with all these questions wanting to know why we believe we are the true church and the one guy Pablo wants me to answer a question and his question is " who is the devil?"  So I told him and he didn’t like my answer ha-ha he’s like "don’t use those kind of words on me!! I’m a people person and I know this and that and whatever."  I guess I used some big words ha-ha then this guy Matt who was actually interested in our lesson sat down and had some good Qs,  too bad he was drunk and probably won’t remember what they answers were. Eventually somehow the topic got on to me... not sure why exactly but it did.  Pablo told me my tie was pretty bad A and then they got to my shoes and wanted to know what I paid, and that went off on some stuff and Matt the whole time is sticking up for me bless his heart ha-ha telling Pablo off.  Just wait it doesn’t end there... then they go off on my looks and how I could have anyone I wanted and should be busy all the time, and how I was probably a lady's man.  Which brings the question from Pablo “would you give up your faith to go do stuff with whoever?"  Matt again comes to the rescue and was like what kind of Q is that!? Pablo’s like “I just want to see how good his faith is!" so I told him no I wouldn’t! Needless to say our lesson with Richard was over after those guys came up... But it was a fun experience ha-ha
Met this guy named Robert and he lives in the trailer park here, he’s in his 60s and has a few health challenges so he doesn’t get around very well. We had a lesson set with him for Saturday, first lesson with him.  Got there and he took us out side to do our thing, cause he said he was cleaning his place.  The lesson didn’t happen since he just talked about old times and his life, which is fine he was probably lonely living all by himself.  We got on the topic of books, because elder Lewis loves old books and Robert had a bunch in his place. So we ventured into Roberts place to take a look, and you would not believe how much crap was lining his halls!  It was tall as me and the path through his place was just wide enough to walk in... It was nasty!  Surprisingly though the place wasn’t all that bad smelling.  He had a room full of old movies stacked taller than me and probably 4 deep it was nuts!   So that Robert.

Got Tmail today..... Guess where I’m going?!

Well that’s pretty well our past two weeks in a nutshell, pretty exciting huh!?

Well I’ll talk to you all next week, in Neepawa, MB with elder Thomason my step son! Should be a blast!!

Brother Angell
Neepawa is almost back down to Winnipeg. He'll be happy not to have the long drive to zone conferences.
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Internet Was Down

On Sun, Jul 2, 2017 at 7:37 PM, Andrea Nelson wrote:
Just listening to some guitar recordings you left us. Man I miss you serenading us on Sunday afternoons. 💜
I know I miss it too! The internet is down at the church so I just got to tell you that we are going to shoot for another day to email.  I didn't die dont worry!
love ya all!!! did lots a service this week! Meeting with Evan later tonight, for the 4th time!!! he's coming along!!! 
 talk to you when I can!
They must have been busy because we never did hear from him again.

Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Can You Say a Prayer for Me?

 Schools done up here so I’d assume it’s done back home now too.  Kids are all over the place wanting to play with us now! Yesterday me and Lewis went after church for a little and played a game of baseball with about 10 of them, all under the age of 13, and mostly girls, so it wasn’t all that intense of a game but it was fun!
So there’s this girl that we only know over the phone and is supposedly in Flin Flon, and wants to meet with us and come to church. Her name is Waverly, she’s 18-19 yrs. old and has had a lot to do with the missionary's in Africa, weird I know, makes you wonder how she ended up here.  Anyway she isn’t baptized.  Somehow got our number here and called us a week or so ago and told us all this stuff.  We hadn’t heard from her in a while, and she didn’t show to church like she said she was going to.  She called us late one night the beginning of the week, well late like 10:00 late ha-ha and she told elder Lewis how she’s like "dying" and has some crazy sickness, kind of like I have.  So we talked to her for a bit then she said she was going to go to bed and we ended the call.   3min later she calls again, wanted to talk about something else, then she said she needed to get to bed, ended the call.  5min later she called again, and Lewis is like I’m not talking to her again! So he tosses me the phone.... I’ve never talked to her before only listened in on the conversations, so that was interesting.  She thought like everyone else does that I was from Texas.  Anyway she’s like can you say a prayer for me? I was like yeah I guess I could do that, I wasn’t going to say no ha-ha so I said a prayer for her over the phone right there sitting in my desk.  As awed as it was at the time, if I was not out on a mission I probably would have never got to have that experience.  Having someone who I had never met call and ask for me to say a prayer for them, knowing that they could feel comfortable enough to call on the elders to give them a little extra help and support in what they were going through at that time. After that she said good night and that was all we heard from her that night. 
The next day the ZLs came up for exchanges.  I went with Magelby and Lewis went with Bingham. Me and Magelby spent the night walking around contacting potentials.  One place we went to stop at was more in the sketch part of town.  As we were walking that way we could hear cop cars coming our way but didn’t think nothing of it.  Turns out the place right next to where we were going to knock had a bit of a problem and 3 cop cars pulled up and they rushed in.... So we stood by watching this, Magelby thought this was awesome because in Brandon it’s boring I guess.  So we watched them haul a guy out cuffed and all, tell him his rights n what not, then stick him in the car, and the whole time this is going in the guy is yelling from this kid we were talking to get his honey for him, but the kid we were sure was hiding stuff from the cops so he didn’t help him.  About the time the guy goes in the car is "honey" shows up yelling for him and screaming at the cops! Finally they take the guy away and things kind of start to calm down.  Me and Magleby stood by for a bit longer to see if we might have a chance to talk to who we came to talk to, but it didn’t happen.  Standing there though we got 3 potentials! Ha-ha
The next day with them we did service out at bro Angell Sr's place hauling and cutting wood with his new splitter.  Eventually it started pouring rain on us but we didn’t stop.  We had things set to a science by the time we were done there.  Magleby hauled the wood to me I stuck it up on the splitter and Angell cut it then Lewis chucked it to Bingham and he stacked it.  We were working at a pretty fast pace too I guess cause it only took 1 1/2hrs to do what shoulda taken 2-3hrs.
The next day as was expected Lewis was sick and I was for an hour or so too, so we spent most the day in the Apt.  I read 6 chapters on the Jesus the Christ and 10 chapters of the b of m sitting around that day, so that way good. Lewis slept all day.  After lunch it was raining but we went out anyway and did a little work.  Turned out that’s what we were supposed to do.  We were walking down the road and two guys pulled over and stopped us.  Keith and Evan Hinckley the dads from Calgary (member) and the son lives in the Flon (non-member)  they were looking for when church starts so we told them and we talked for a bit, then they were gone. 
The next day we went out that night to go see some people and Lewis was like we not driving?  I told him no, so we walked out on the board walk and lo and behold there they were again! So we talked and Keith set up a lesson with us that night to come teach him and his son the Plan of Salvation. So later we went and taught them part of the plan, we didn’t get to finish it that night because it was 10:00....but they said we would see us at church the next day. They came to church and it was really good lessons for Evan cause it talked out finding faith and staying strong through hard times. After church Keith was like hey you want to come for lunch, have a BBQ? So we said yes!!! After lunch we finished our lesson with him.  Man the spirit that was there when Keith told his son that we were sent there at this time to help Evan and be his friend was so amazing and then he told Evan how much he loves him and how he will NEVER give up on him until his is saved, it was just awesome.  Words can describe what was felt there. 
 Keith left for home yesterday and left it up to us to keep his son on track!
That was pretty well our week! 

Talk to you next week and love you all!

 A gift from the kids in the branch!  They are on our fridge now! Not the kids, the pictures ha-ha

What Think Ye of Christ?

Well another week come and gone!  Hit my 4th month mark the other day!  Can’t believe I’ve been out that long, sure doesn’t feel like 4 months. This week we had ZC in Brandon so we made the long drive along with the Thompson elders down there on Wednesday and got back Saturday.  On the way down we had dinner with Dallin’s grandparents the Fawns’ as usual!  Too bad they are leaving us in July, then we won’t have anyone to stop by on the way down to ZC's.  We even stayed the night there on the way home from ZC.  On the way up to ZC we pass through a place called riding mountain park and there is always bears and moose that we can get pics of.  Elder Lewis he got up on top of the car to get a pic of one bear that we saw... Not sure why but he did. We had 6 elders in the ZL's Apt it was Flin Flon, AP's, and the ZL's.  We sent Thompson over to the Spanish elders place.  Anyway we all were sitting around doing nothing, so elder Bingham he gets a bottle of homemade Kombucha from one of their Investigators, and if you don’t know what Kombucha is you’ll have to look it up because I can’t explain it very well.  But you’re only supposed to drink an ounce of it or it’ll wreck you I guess so we tried to get the Ap's to drink it but they wouldn’t unless we all got in there and had some of it with them.  Don’t worry we didn’t have anymore then an ounce, we only have one bathroom, so we didn’t want to deal with that.  I think elder Wright even got it on Video of us all up there drinking it together.  Wasn’t bad actually!  Later that night we all got ready for bed and elder Francis knelt down to say his prayers before most of us were even in our beds, that was at 10:30.   He didn’t get up till 11:30... But we all know he wasn’t praying that long, cause he had his hands down by his knees and his face was down in the couch ha-ha he won’t admit he fell asleep though.
The topic of ZC was "What think ye of Christ?"  That was by far one of the hardest things we’ve had to write a talk on, well for me anyway.  But man when we were all sitting there sharing out thoughts on Christ, I thought he was going to pop right up there in front of us all! The spirit was so strong, and I’ll give you a little idea of how strong it was.  I was almost tearing up.... So I can only imagine how everyone else felt.  Then to have Pres Craig recite The Living Christ by memory to us, that topped it all off.  So now I and elder Lewis are inspired you could say and we are attempting to do the same.  I got the half the first section down!
Alright now for the spiritual thought of the day...
I have never really thought too much what I think of Christ, so this talk for me was hard at first for me to write.  But the more I thought of it the more things came to my mind. Christ is everything to me.  I don’t want to think of were id in life be if it weren't for him.  Coming out here on a mission has really opened my eyes to all the things he has blessed me with before and after my mission.  The blessings I’ve received are countless. Christ is the Perfect example.  There is one thing I’ve always loved to hear said and it is "Blessed are those who are persecuted for righteousness."   Christ tried to show everyone the way that they could follow him, but many of them didn’t like him trying to show them that path.  He continued anyway, taking anyone who would open their door to him and listen.  All the while having people put him down.  This was the people he was trying to save and they hated him for that, enough to put him on a cross and have him done away with.   But in the end Christ still loved those people that had done wrong to him.  Remember his last words on the cross “Father forgive them, for they know not what they have done." I have never had to endure what he did in his life here on earth, but out here I feel I’m getting a small feeling of how he must have felt, trying to bring those he loves closer to him so they can have a better life.   I love the people here in Flin Flon, but many of them see it too hard to repent of the things they have done.  They feel they are too far gone or to old.   Seeing them say that to me and my companion saying "I’m too far gone, he won’t accept me anymore..."  It breaks our hearts to see them say that.  Because we know that no matter what we have done, we can be forgiven because of Christs Atonement.  But that is our part as missionary's, to help them see what we see.  To help them know they can be forgiven. It’s hard to get up every morning knowing that today you’ll probably have 1 or 2 people try and tell you that what you’re preaching is wrong and that we don’t know god.  But all we can do is shrug it off and keep our testimony close to our hearts and remember that there is a God and he loves each and every one of us, no matter what.  I know heavenly father watches out for his children, I have been guided to too many doors to believe anything different.  I love this gospel, and I love sharing it with those I come in contact with.  A mission really is the best thing for anyone.
I want you all to think through out the week what you think of Christ, maybe write down a few of your thoughts.  As you do this I know you will start to see all the things he’s blessed you with and you will grow to love him even more than before.

Love you all, and I’ll talk to you next week!

Pres Craig said he is going to try to make the lord keep me in the Flon for a while longer haha I’m alright with that!!
                               Taken on the way to zone conference

Wednesday, 14 June 2017

Elder Nelson in Nelson House

  Well not a whole lot has been going down up here in the Flon lately, we have been gone for 2-3 days a week for the last bit so that’s been kind of crappy.  But we have a game plan that we think will bring us all the "Gold".  We spent most of one day going through our area book and looking for less actives and former investigators we should go stop by and then we put everyone into a few binders that we have in the car now, and so far we are doing decent with the people we have stopped by.  We figure that the people who have been exposed to the gospel already might be easier to get to then those who have had their door knocked on by us before from tracting.  We will still do tracting, so don’t worry I’ll still have some good tracting stories!
This week we had exchanges in Thompson, and right now they are doing some work on a Rez called Nelson House so they thought it would be cool to have Elder Nelson in Nelson House.  So that’s were I spent most the exchange at and it was definitely and interesting place.  Lots of people to talk to, just wish they weren’t all drunk ha-ha.  One guy I street contacted into I was like "hey how are ya!?" and this guy Told me to bug off which led me to laughing at him while I walked away.  He didn’t like that though, so he tried to get me to stop laughing at him by telling me off again but I just kept on laughing.  Got to love people like that.  Elder Darley thought me and that guy were going to throw down!  I was ready ha-ha I’m in need of a good fight!

Elder Lewis he has this thing he likes to do all the time, and that’s tease drunks... Hey I think it’s the best thing ever cause they don’t get any of his little cracks at them, but it makes me laugh and I can’t hold it back so I’m just waiting for us to get into a fight one of these times.  Here’s an example of what he does.  So there’s theses 2 guys both drunk outta their mind and we talked to them for a bit about nothing all that important, and as we start to walk away one calls out to us " hey ARE YOU Mormon?" and elder Lewis turns around and is like "No we aren’t Mormon, he died a long time ago!"  And I just couldn’t hold back.

 Another time there was a guy sitting on the ground and he stopped us and wanted some money.  But not elder Lewis’s 15 cents.  So we went and did our thing we came to do and we had to walk past him again to get to the car and he stops us again and is says "PLEASE JUST HELP ME OUT" So Elder Lewis he reaches over to this tree and takes to leafs off it, then says "here I’ll tell you what I can do for ya, I'll give you one leaf....Naw let’s make it two then sets down the other one with is ha-ha I was like man he’s going to kill you, and me cause I’m laughing but he didn’t so we are still alive.  But that’s what elder Lewis likes to do and I told him by the end of our time together we will have probably gotten in a fight with some drunk.  He agreed...
Did some cleaning in our Apt this week when we got home at night.  We went into our Narnia closet and we found all sorts of stuff.  Everything from Grandma Greys Banana rain coat to a pretty nice key board!! We were both pretty excited about that!  So we set it up and now we have a piano at our place!
Oh and on exchanges elder Bennett and I got a parking ticket..... I hate parking in Thompson.  The ticket  was 177$ but if we paid it by a certain time we got 50% off! So we ran to the town office and paid it!  So it wasn’t too bad but it still sucked.  That’s the last time I listen to Elder Bennett on where to park ha-ha

  Well that’s pretty well the week for ya!
 I’ll talk to you next week!

Love ya all.

Happy 19th Birthday!!!

Well this week hasn’t been too adventurous, been sick most of the week:/ did a lot of driving to get tippets off for home and to pick up elder Lewis!
After tippets left I was with the ZLs all day waiting for the transfer train to come back to Brandon with all the other elders and elder Lewis.  So we did some service at the soup kitchen for a while, then we took the new Spanish elder to a lady’s house and we did a prank on him.  The plan was to have her answer the door and start to yell at us to leave and that she had told us not to come back and that she was meeting with the JWs then slam the door, and we are going to walk on in and try to change her mind.  So we get there all that happens and the whole time the new elder was like I am not going in there I’ll stay out here!  But we eventually got him in and then he wouldn’t take his shoes off till Elder Bingham was like come on its okay take them off ha-ha.  We all got a pretty good laugh, and after he thought it was pretty funny too.
That night we drove to dauphin to stay with the Fawns for the night.  We drove the rest of the way home in the morning.  9hrs later.....we made it!
Finished my bull whip just before tippets left so now I’m starting a little 4' one today with the left over cord.

Got a lesson with Adele just before tippets left to.  She is awesome! Lot a work to do but I think she might be the one to be baptized, we hope!
Elder Lewis is from Monticello Utah, he’s 20 and has till October and he’s done out here, loves to farm and be out doors.  Reminds me a lot of Morgan berry with some of the things he says n does. 
Yesterday after church the branch sang happy birthday to me.... man I hate that.  Then the Angell’s jr. gave me a cake, chocolate, and a fidget toy.  Pretty sweet.

 NickyJ and I, yes that’s his name, he’s 8and he wanted to see who was faster, so me and him raced to elder Lewis.  So we raced and man is he fast! Ha-ha jk but I didn’t want to be mean and kill his little 8yr old dreams.  He thought that was pretty awesome!
then we played soccer down in Aspen Grove with a bunch of little Indian kids, elder Lewis made one of them cry ha-ha not on purpose he was just in the wrong spot at the wrong time. The kids were like he’s fine! He’ll cry for a little and be good don’t worry!  So we kept playing.  We "lost". 

 That’s pretty well the week for ya!
Love you all, talk to you next week!

Tuesday, 30 May 2017

Tempted in a Library?!

So to start off we got T-mail today! I’m with Elder Lewis now! Elder Tippets says that we should do some great work up here together, so let’s hope so!
This week it has been raining the whole time, so it’s been fun trying to keep dry.  Found a whole bunch of people we can teach though, so we got something good out of it I guess!  Had a lesson with Adele set for yesterday but when we got there she said she was too tired and to come back Tuesday, must have had a long night.
I don’t think I’ve ever been so tempted while sitting in a library in my life.  We had the internet down here for the past week or so, so we have been doing online at the library and when I’m waiting for my turn to go on I find myself wanting to read some of the books I see but I CANT!!! Well I shouldn’t...  never would have thought I’d say I was tempted in a library...

So we did lots of tracting this week, and for some reason I always have the doors where people are walking out as we walk up their steps and I scare them! Ha-ha I think it’s kind of funny, but it makes it hard to recover from that and be like "hey we are missionaries..." happened to me twice this week!  The one girl was about 15-16 and her and her friend we talking in side and it sounded like the one said there are some people at the door and the other one didn’t believe her so she went to check, and there we were… about put her on the ground when she saw someone was actually there ha-ha! The other was a drunk lady that opened her door right as I was about to knock on it and she about lost it too ha-ha.
One street we were tracting I guess 2-3 min before we got there the cops had put a bunch of kids under arrest and they were fighting a bit, so the one lady was a little concerned about us being out there knocking right now. 
There’s a bridge we walk across quite a bit kind of back on a nature trail type deal, and there is a bung of sucker fish we can see in the water so we usually try to stone one just for fun, but never have got one.  But the other day we got lucky and there was one right along the shore line just asking for us to get him.  So I got a big rock and dropped it right over top of him and sure enough I got'em!! Blew his head clean off!!!

There’s a guy we usually see walking around Flin Flon and he always says hi to us.  His name is Mink and he’s a native, who loves the elders!  The other day walking back from up town we saw him and he gave us knuckles and said “Good morning Elders!  Go pass out the word of God! I love you guys!" and kept on walking ha-ha he’s an interesting character.

 Well that’s pretty well it for interesting this this week.

Talk to you all next week!
Love ya!

Oh and I cut my own hair here this week, looks pretty good.

Riley sent these pictures awhile ago but I wasn't able to open them. I went finally just went into his mission email and pulled them off of there.
Helping pull a plane off the ice.

Missionary Tan

Well today has been kind of crazy, internet wasn't working at the church so we got a hold of bro Longmore and thankfully he was around so we could use his computer.
This week has been pretty good! Did lots of tracking and walking around town, got a nice tan around our necks from our buttons being done up to the top… call it the mission tan ha-ha
Met a few interesting people this week and heard a few interesting comments.  had a couple kids ask if we were with god, then on the way by them again the one kid was to shy to ask us a question so his buddy helped him out and asked if we are the guys that go around and make people?…
One guy wouldn't let us out of his drive way yesterday because he wanted to keep talking to us about everything under the sun and how our generation is crappy and how much Flin Flon has changed and how no one is smart ha-ha
Got to teach Sunday school yesterday, Sister Angell called Saturday night at 8:30 asking if I could teach. I said sure, even though we didn't have a manual to look at so we could prepare. I got sacrament meeting to prep.  But I think the lesson went really well actually, way better than my last lesson.  This lesson was on the importance of temple attendance.
Ummm not too much else really happened this week that I can think of, just the usual mission life I guess.

 Talk to you next week!
Love you all.

If I don't get to email you today I’ll for sure email you next week! Kind of in a rush since we are behind schedule.



Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Our New Friend Sarah

Hey everyone, hope all the mothers out there had a good Mother’s Day!  I think my mom did!
So this week we had ZC in Brandon, that was a long drive down and back.  Rained most the way down.  We stopped and did some work in The Pas on the way, got a new investigator there! Her name is Arosie, really nice native lady with 4 little kids.  So hopefully we can get them all baptized into the church of Jesus Christ, later today we have a Skype lesson with her.
We also stopped at a lady’s house that texted us the day before we came down to The Pas, so we stopped in at her place to see her.  Guess she has met with us before from what tippets has told me, and she is a little off her rocker if you know what I mean ha-ha.  But we stopped anyway and had a quick 3min lesson with her since she didn’t have any fellowship with her.  She said she was going to hitch hike to Flin Flon to make it to church yesterday, but we never heard anything from her after that, and she didn’t show who knows what happened.
Got a new friend while we were down in Brandon, her name is Sarah and she is a Black box that tells us if we are speeding, not wearing our seat belt, or if we are hitting pot holes to hard.... luckily she doesn’t talk to us very much!  We’ve done some experimenting though with her to see what will make her talk to us, but haven’t got her to yell at us for anything other than when tippets took his seat belt off.  So she’s okay.
Got Dallin’s grandparents feeding me and tippets like kings over here when we go through Dauphin!  It’s been pretty nice, too bad we only go through there once a month.
It snowed here yesterday...and rain when it wasn’t snowing. 
We have a new Baptismal date with a lady named Kathleen for June 10th!  We think she will come along decent, she’s willing to do anything we ask her to do really.  She said she’d read and pray and come to church if we found her a ride! So we gotta get on that.
Talking to my family was pretty good! Did a lot better than I thought I would when seeing them, only shed a couple tears... but that’s all Shaylee’s fault she started first.  But it was good to talk to them and hear all their voices, wish I could have talked to all of you!
Trying to think of what else happened this week that was interesting, but I’m not getting much....Just did a lot of driving, walking, and sitting. 
Oh, President Craig in our interview told me I better be ready for him to lean on me a lot.... so I guess what Tippets has been telling me is going to happen.  I’m going to be in leadership or something once all the older missionaries are gone.  Not too sure how I feel about that yet. 
Well that’s about all for the week really, not too much going on here in the Flon.

Miss you all!  Love ya! Talk to you next week!


Mother's Day Skype

Family picture! Loved talking to my boy!!! I'll post a few videos once they decide to show up in my email.

Ming and Jian

Well another week come and gone!  We had exchanges here on Tuesday and Wednesday, that was pretty good. Elder Bennett from Taber and I had an interesting exchange... We had a first lesson with a new investigator Angus, and that went super well! We set a date with him to be baptized on June 3rd and he was like yes, I'd be honored to be baptized into this church!! We almost got him to church yesterday, but he must have fell asleep again after we knocked on his door, next time I guess. After that lesson with Angus we had a lesson with Sister Castel.  We met her outside her place cause she was just coming back from Wal-Mart or something, so we were talking outside and these 2 drunk Indians came over and started talking to Elder Bennett and I, they wanted us to come to their deal they had in court the next day and testify for them ha-ha but we said no we couldn’t do that.  Elder Bennett said we can give you a card though if you want to learn about Jesus, he hands them a card, the guy he gave it to spit at the ground and threw the card down and was like no!! Then he whipped out these condoms holding them out to us and was telling us what we could do with them and where to go.... You should have seen Elder Bennett’s face ha-ha we didn’t take them so he threw them on the ground too, and we started to head with sister Castel into her home about that time and these two followed us right on in.... I was thinking to myself well this lesson is going down the drain, we aren’t going to get the spirit in here with these two!  But she saw they came in and she kicked them out for us! ha-ha and the one was asking sister Castel when he could come see his sexy women again... it was an interesting start to our lesson we'll just say that.
Elder Darley and I had a funny thing happen to us tracting the next day.  We knocked on this door and a little native kid opened the door and bolted out from behind the door around the corner as he opened it thinking I guess that we were going to run inside after the door opened or something.  But that got Elder Darley laughing and he couldn’t stop, but finally he gained control and asked the kid if his mom was home, so he went and got her saying “Jesus Christ is here!!!"  She didn’t come to the door, but we did get a return appointment for the next day! So that was exchanges for us, lots a fun! Ha-ha got to haul a plane off the ice too for Bro Angell, that was a gong show and a half, but it was fun!   We also split wood for him after that.  We also went to the Campbell's to clean up their leaves for them.  We did service most the second day of the exchange.
We got ZC or zone conference here this week, so we won’t be in Flin Flon for the next couple days.  We get to go do some more training and all that good stuff in Brandon.  I think Dallin’s grandparents are even feeding us at some point on our way down there, or on the way back.  So that'll be nice!
Well that’s about all for the week out here in the Flon.

 Oh I almost forgot… we taught a super nice Chinese family here yesterday.  Ming and Jian, but sadly they are going back to china here in a week or so for a yr. and then coming back, so we won’t get to teach them again.  But Ming said she would read the B of M and maybe become a member of our church!!  The lesson with them was a little different than the usual, cause we had to stop every once in a while to have her translate to Jian what we were saying, but it was a cool experience!  Just wish they were staying around longer!  They have only been here for a couple of weeks, so they are fresh from china.
Well I’ll talk to you all next week! Love ya    

 I think we'll Skype Sunday at 4:30,  4:30 your time! I’m going to cry forever.... I don’t know if I’ll call.....

I Love My Cuzband!

Not too much happened this week for us, did lots a walking, and finding.  Had a few lessons! Got a baptismal date with Donald for May 27th so hopefully he follows through with that.  Donald is a former investigator who has been with the missionary's for quite some time now, but just doesn’t keep his commitments.  So he knows all the stuff, but he just doesn’t do anything about it...
Ran into lots a drunks this week who wanted to talk, or we wanted to talk to them ha-ha. One girl was so out of it, she was laying on the sidewalk calling to her friends to help her walk but they were all too busy drinking to hear her.  She finally crawled over to them and they helped her walk.  Kind of hard to watch people that are my age having that problem, and not knowing anything really different then that kind of life.  Makes me glad to have been raised the way I was!
Ran into two other guys last night who were pretty wasted.  The one was walking his little dog up towards us when we came out of a back ally, and he started yelling at the world saying "what is this!? I got these guys back here, and now I got the freakin Jehovah’s over here!" "What’s going on!?" so we figured we better set him straight and tell him we were LDS and not Jehovah’s ha-ha.  We got talking to him and he’s like "oh, Mormons!  Maybe I should change over to that! Then I can have many wives, but idk I got one ex-wife and that enough for me..."  He also told us his name was Hey Zeus, and then he’s like no no it’s Jesus Christ of latter day saints... or was it John Smith....?  About that time is when we started to end the conversation ha-ha he also told us his dogs name was Sammy after Samson in the bible.
Went out to the Pass this week to do some work there since we had lots a K's left over from the month, didn’t have to much success there sadly, but it was a good little trip.
Played man tracker here too, took 15mins to find this guy’s house that we street contacted the other day.  He said it was Apt 3 on 2nd street, we got there and it was a dump of a place and the numbers on the doors were written in pencil so we couldn’t really read them.  So we had 7 doors to try n read and we got doors 1, 2,4,5,7 but couldn’t find doors 3, and 6 on the place.  Finally we found the doors hidden back in the trees.  knocked on his door and there he was, but as usual he couldn’t meet with us right now so we should come back Tuesday... so that’s what we are going to do. At least we found his place.
We have exchanges here in Flin Flon on Wednesday with Thompson elders.  Should be interesting with me as Sr. companion... guess we'll see how I do.


 Well that’s all I got for the week really.

 Hope you all had a good week back home!
Love ya

Saturday, 29 April 2017

The Texan

This week has been pretty decent, still did lots of tracting but not as much as usual since we have all these sales company's out knocking.... starting to cause problems with our tracting plans.  On Saturday we were out tracting at 10am, the first door we knocked on wasn’t home, and as we walked out from behind the house there was JW's knocking on the front door, and down  at the other end of the street there was another herd of them!!  So we left that street and went to one across the road. With our luck we knocked on a street that they had already knocked to!! The guy wasn’t too happy about that, but once we told him we weren’t JW's he was a bit nicer.  So we ended up just heading back to the apts and doing companion study.

Sister Angell Jr. fed us on Saturday night.  Almost didn’t get to eat there though... her husband wasn’t there so we needed fellowship.  We sat out in the car for 25min before they found Bro. Gwin who was more than happy to come eat her food! So we were glad he was around so we could eat!  She had a bunch of food, we didn’t even eat most of it because she had so much!  And she was worried she wouldn’t have enough for everyone :)


People up here still ask me if I’m from Texas, and they are shocked when I say "nope Alberta".  Tippets doesn’t think I sound like a Texan but everyone else seems to.


Had a little prayer with Raymond, an Indian buddy of ours that we said a prayer for probably my first week out, guess he needs the blessings.  He always comes to us at the weirdest times, and places but hey if you want the elders to pray for you I guess you gotta do that.


Got lucky here yesterday and didn’t have to give my Sunday school lesson!  Sister Angell sr showed up and took over for me. I was more than happy to give her the lesson.


Found a few new investigators this week.  Richard, Donald, and Joseph.  They are all very interesting individuals, but they are still children of god.  That’s about all for our week up here in Flin Flon, not too much exciting but that’s alright.


Hope everyone is doing good back home!


Love you all!


Talk to you next week!
                                                                                                   Riley enjoys photography like his mom.

Thursday, 20 April 2017

Knockin in a Blizzard

Well his week was pretty long and cold.  Most the week we did finding, and most the time it was snowing, so that made it awesome!  People looked at us like we were crazy when we knocked on their door out there in the blizzard, and 99 percent of them didn’t want to talk with us.  Two houses were especially fun... one lady came out and told us to get our Jesus crap off her property and that she’s a roman catholic she doesn’t need our Jesus crap!  The other lady told us to get the heck off her steps and to never come back! because apparently we had been there three times already.  All you can do really when that happens is laugh and go to the next door.  

Found Roger this week finally, taught him a lesson and read the Book of Mormon with him for a bit, but we'll see what happens there...

 We saw Kurt for the first time this week not drunk outta his mind, had a good little talk with him, didn’t get a lesson with him but we did find out he’s found a job that'll hopefully keep him busy and away from drinking.
Found a new investigator this week so it wasn’t all bad!  His name is Thanuj or TJ since tippets can’t say his name ha-ha.  He seems pretty solid from what we can tell, now we just gotta convert him to Mormonism.
Had a lesson with Shyann yesterday for the first time since I’ve been here.  She even called us up to have us come over.  We taught her the restoration since she had forgotten pretty well everything they taught her before.  Sounds like she’s done with the party life finally!
I gave a talk in church yesterday on Christ and his Atonement.  Seemed to go pretty well.  Had a bunch of less actives there for it so hopefully it helped them a bit. 
After church we thought our branch was going to self-destruct...  I guess Pres. Garrett sent a few kids home with their parents because they were being too crazy.  That didn’t go over well with the natives that showed up for the first time in months, they all figure they are getting picked on cause none of the white kids get told to be quiet or nothing.  So me and Tippets left ASAP so we didn’t get pulled into the middle of all that.  Hopefully the branch can learn not to be so sensitive to all this stuff or it will fall apart here in Flin Flon...
But yeah that’s how our week went for us, hopefully this week is a lot better and a lot warmer.
I wish I was home to see Shaylee but I’ll be home soon enough.

Love you all!  I’ll talk to you next week!