Tuesday, 30 May 2017

Tempted in a Library?!

So to start off we got T-mail today! I’m with Elder Lewis now! Elder Tippets says that we should do some great work up here together, so let’s hope so!
This week it has been raining the whole time, so it’s been fun trying to keep dry.  Found a whole bunch of people we can teach though, so we got something good out of it I guess!  Had a lesson with Adele set for yesterday but when we got there she said she was too tired and to come back Tuesday, must have had a long night.
I don’t think I’ve ever been so tempted while sitting in a library in my life.  We had the internet down here for the past week or so, so we have been doing online at the library and when I’m waiting for my turn to go on I find myself wanting to read some of the books I see but I CANT!!! Well I shouldn’t...  never would have thought I’d say I was tempted in a library...

So we did lots of tracting this week, and for some reason I always have the doors where people are walking out as we walk up their steps and I scare them! Ha-ha I think it’s kind of funny, but it makes it hard to recover from that and be like "hey we are missionaries..." happened to me twice this week!  The one girl was about 15-16 and her and her friend we talking in side and it sounded like the one said there are some people at the door and the other one didn’t believe her so she went to check, and there we were… about put her on the ground when she saw someone was actually there ha-ha! The other was a drunk lady that opened her door right as I was about to knock on it and she about lost it too ha-ha.
One street we were tracting I guess 2-3 min before we got there the cops had put a bunch of kids under arrest and they were fighting a bit, so the one lady was a little concerned about us being out there knocking right now. 
There’s a bridge we walk across quite a bit kind of back on a nature trail type deal, and there is a bung of sucker fish we can see in the water so we usually try to stone one just for fun, but never have got one.  But the other day we got lucky and there was one right along the shore line just asking for us to get him.  So I got a big rock and dropped it right over top of him and sure enough I got'em!! Blew his head clean off!!!

There’s a guy we usually see walking around Flin Flon and he always says hi to us.  His name is Mink and he’s a native, who loves the elders!  The other day walking back from up town we saw him and he gave us knuckles and said “Good morning Elders!  Go pass out the word of God! I love you guys!" and kept on walking ha-ha he’s an interesting character.

 Well that’s pretty well it for interesting this this week.

Talk to you all next week!
Love ya!

Oh and I cut my own hair here this week, looks pretty good.

Riley sent these pictures awhile ago but I wasn't able to open them. I went finally just went into his mission email and pulled them off of there.
Helping pull a plane off the ice.

Missionary Tan

Well today has been kind of crazy, internet wasn't working at the church so we got a hold of bro Longmore and thankfully he was around so we could use his computer.
This week has been pretty good! Did lots of tracking and walking around town, got a nice tan around our necks from our buttons being done up to the top… call it the mission tan ha-ha
Met a few interesting people this week and heard a few interesting comments.  had a couple kids ask if we were with god, then on the way by them again the one kid was to shy to ask us a question so his buddy helped him out and asked if we are the guys that go around and make people?…
One guy wouldn't let us out of his drive way yesterday because he wanted to keep talking to us about everything under the sun and how our generation is crappy and how much Flin Flon has changed and how no one is smart ha-ha
Got to teach Sunday school yesterday, Sister Angell called Saturday night at 8:30 asking if I could teach. I said sure, even though we didn't have a manual to look at so we could prepare. I got sacrament meeting to prep.  But I think the lesson went really well actually, way better than my last lesson.  This lesson was on the importance of temple attendance.
Ummm not too much else really happened this week that I can think of, just the usual mission life I guess.

 Talk to you next week!
Love you all.

If I don't get to email you today I’ll for sure email you next week! Kind of in a rush since we are behind schedule.



Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Our New Friend Sarah

Hey everyone, hope all the mothers out there had a good Mother’s Day!  I think my mom did!
So this week we had ZC in Brandon, that was a long drive down and back.  Rained most the way down.  We stopped and did some work in The Pas on the way, got a new investigator there! Her name is Arosie, really nice native lady with 4 little kids.  So hopefully we can get them all baptized into the church of Jesus Christ, later today we have a Skype lesson with her.
We also stopped at a lady’s house that texted us the day before we came down to The Pas, so we stopped in at her place to see her.  Guess she has met with us before from what tippets has told me, and she is a little off her rocker if you know what I mean ha-ha.  But we stopped anyway and had a quick 3min lesson with her since she didn’t have any fellowship with her.  She said she was going to hitch hike to Flin Flon to make it to church yesterday, but we never heard anything from her after that, and she didn’t show up...so who knows what happened.
Got a new friend while we were down in Brandon, her name is Sarah and she is a Black box that tells us if we are speeding, not wearing our seat belt, or if we are hitting pot holes to hard.... luckily she doesn’t talk to us very much!  We’ve done some experimenting though with her to see what will make her talk to us, but haven’t got her to yell at us for anything other than when tippets took his seat belt off.  So she’s okay.
Got Dallin’s grandparents feeding me and tippets like kings over here when we go through Dauphin!  It’s been pretty nice, too bad we only go through there once a month.
It snowed here yesterday...and rain when it wasn’t snowing. 
We have a new Baptismal date with a lady named Kathleen for June 10th!  We think she will come along decent, she’s willing to do anything we ask her to do really.  She said she’d read and pray and come to church if we found her a ride! So we gotta get on that.
Talking to my family was pretty good! Did a lot better than I thought I would when seeing them, only shed a couple tears... but that’s all Shaylee’s fault she started first.  But it was good to talk to them and hear all their voices, wish I could have talked to all of you!
Trying to think of what else happened this week that was interesting, but I’m not getting much....Just did a lot of driving, walking, and sitting. 
Oh, President Craig in our interview told me I better be ready for him to lean on me a lot.... so I guess what Tippets has been telling me is going to happen.  I’m going to be in leadership or something once all the older missionaries are gone.  Not too sure how I feel about that yet. 
Well that’s about all for the week really, not too much going on here in the Flon.

Miss you all!  Love ya! Talk to you next week!


Mother's Day Skype

Family picture! Loved talking to my boy!!! I'll post a few videos once they decide to show up in my email.

Ming and Jian

Well another week come and gone!  We had exchanges here on Tuesday and Wednesday, that was pretty good. Elder Bennett from Taber and I had an interesting exchange... We had a first lesson with a new investigator Angus, and that went super well! We set a date with him to be baptized on June 3rd and he was like yes, I'd be honored to be baptized into this church!! We almost got him to church yesterday, but he must have fell asleep again after we knocked on his door, next time I guess. After that lesson with Angus we had a lesson with Sister Castel.  We met her outside her place cause she was just coming back from Wal-Mart or something, so we were talking outside and these 2 drunk Indians came over and started talking to Elder Bennett and I, they wanted us to come to their deal they had in court the next day and testify for them ha-ha but we said no we couldn’t do that.  Elder Bennett said we can give you a card though if you want to learn about Jesus, he hands them a card, the guy he gave it to spit at the ground and threw the card down and was like no!! Then he whipped out these condoms holding them out to us and was telling us what we could do with them and where to go.... You should have seen Elder Bennett’s face ha-ha we didn’t take them so he threw them on the ground too, and we started to head with sister Castel into her home about that time and these two followed us right on in.... I was thinking to myself well this lesson is going down the drain, we aren’t going to get the spirit in here with these two!  But she saw they came in and she kicked them out for us! ha-ha and the one was asking sister Castel when he could come see his sexy women again... it was an interesting start to our lesson we'll just say that.
Elder Darley and I had a funny thing happen to us tracting the next day.  We knocked on this door and a little native kid opened the door and bolted out from behind the door around the corner as he opened it thinking I guess that we were going to run inside after the door opened or something.  But that got Elder Darley laughing and he couldn’t stop, but finally he gained control and asked the kid if his mom was home, so he went and got her saying “Jesus Christ is here!!!"  She didn’t come to the door, but we did get a return appointment for the next day! So that was exchanges for us, lots a fun! Ha-ha got to haul a plane off the ice too for Bro Angell, that was a gong show and a half, but it was fun!   We also split wood for him after that.  We also went to the Campbell's to clean up their leaves for them.  We did service most the second day of the exchange.
We got ZC or zone conference here this week, so we won’t be in Flin Flon for the next couple days.  We get to go do some more training and all that good stuff in Brandon.  I think Dallin’s grandparents are even feeding us at some point on our way down there, or on the way back.  So that'll be nice!
Well that’s about all for the week out here in the Flon.

 Oh I almost forgot… we taught a super nice Chinese family here yesterday.  Ming and Jian, but sadly they are going back to china here in a week or so for a yr. and then coming back, so we won’t get to teach them again.  But Ming said she would read the B of M and maybe become a member of our church!!  The lesson with them was a little different than the usual, cause we had to stop every once in a while to have her translate to Jian what we were saying, but it was a cool experience!  Just wish they were staying around longer!  They have only been here for a couple of weeks, so they are fresh from china.
Well I’ll talk to you all next week! Love ya    

 I think we'll Skype Sunday at 4:30,  4:30 your time! I’m going to cry forever.... I don’t know if I’ll call.....

I Love My Cuzband!

Not too much happened this week for us, did lots a walking, and finding.  Had a few lessons! Got a baptismal date with Donald for May 27th so hopefully he follows through with that.  Donald is a former investigator who has been with the missionary's for quite some time now, but just doesn’t keep his commitments.  So he knows all the stuff, but he just doesn’t do anything about it...
Ran into lots a drunks this week who wanted to talk, or we wanted to talk to them ha-ha. One girl was so out of it, she was laying on the sidewalk calling to her friends to help her walk but they were all too busy drinking to hear her.  She finally crawled over to them and they helped her walk.  Kind of hard to watch people that are my age having that problem, and not knowing anything really different then that kind of life.  Makes me glad to have been raised the way I was!
Ran into two other guys last night who were pretty wasted.  The one was walking his little dog up towards us when we came out of a back ally, and he started yelling at the world saying "what is this!? I got these guys back here, and now I got the freakin Jehovah’s over here!" "What’s going on!?" so we figured we better set him straight and tell him we were LDS and not Jehovah’s ha-ha.  We got talking to him and he’s like "oh, Mormons!  Maybe I should change over to that! Then I can have many wives, but idk I got one ex-wife and that enough for me..."  He also told us his name was Hey Zeus, and then he’s like no no it’s Jesus Christ of latter day saints... or was it John Smith....?  About that time is when we started to end the conversation ha-ha he also told us his dogs name was Sammy after Samson in the bible.
Went out to the Pass this week to do some work there since we had lots a K's left over from the month, didn’t have to much success there sadly, but it was a good little trip.
Played man tracker here too, took 15mins to find this guy’s house that we street contacted the other day.  He said it was Apt 3 on 2nd street, we got there and it was a dump of a place and the numbers on the doors were written in pencil so we couldn’t really read them.  So we had 7 doors to try n read and we got doors 1, 2,4,5,7 but couldn’t find doors 3, and 6 on the place.  Finally we found the doors hidden back in the trees.  knocked on his door and there he was, but as usual he couldn’t meet with us right now so we should come back Tuesday... so that’s what we are going to do. At least we found his place.
We have exchanges here in Flin Flon on Wednesday with Thompson elders.  Should be interesting with me as Sr. companion... guess we'll see how I do.


 Well that’s all I got for the week really.

 Hope you all had a good week back home!
Love ya