Friday, 21 July 2017

God's Timing

So this week has been kinda crazy with transfers and all that good stuff.  Before I left Flin Flon I had one last lesson with Evan, and it was probably the best one we've had yet even if he did almost former us... We got in there and we talked for a bit, then he brought up all his doubts and how it’s not the right time for him right now and there’s too much going on really to get to into this.  So we tried to help him see that even though the timing for you might not be the best in your eyes, god must think this is the right time because he brought us to you.  I told him about how before my mission I was doing all this stuff with my friends and how I could have easily stayed behind and not come out here, but I didn’t.  Even though the time to me wasn’t right I knew that god knew this was the time I needed to come out, even if it was going to be hard to leave all this behind.  So I came to the call even though I had everything else going on in my life.  I went into more detail then but that’s the main idea of what I told him, and it seemed to have an impact on him because we are still meeting with him!
Thursday I believe it was I got put with my new comp Elder Thomasson from Washington State, he lives in the tri cities, 20yrs old and has a looottttttt of energy ha-ha and you who know me well know how good I am with high energy people... but he means well and we are getting along good, just got a few things to work out since I’m his step dad with training.  He still has all his old trainers ideas in his head and isn’t too good with adjusting to how I train, with time I hope we can work something out though.
First hr. in Neepawa I spent in a lesson with an older couple Ed and Marilyn, they are great!  You have to yell at Ed though so he can hear us ha-ha so it’s hard to make things spiritual.  We are so close to having them baptized, but Ed has been baptized already and doesn’t see why he should do it again.  But they came to church and they have us over every other day for a lesson, so in time they will get in the water.
the second day here I made Thomasson walk all over ha-ha and on the way home we had this younger guy Brain pull over on the side of the road asking if we wanted to talk! So we said yeah!  we got in and he took us out to eat, then we spent the next 2hrs in his car parked talking to him about the character of Christ and the afterlife, and also how the B of M contradicts the bible even though he’s never read the B of M.... but it was a very interesting 2hrs with him.  He was on his way to help with a bible camp called valley view bible camp, it’s up in Clearwater Lake.  So he knew the bible pretty well.  We didn’t get home till 10:00.....
Gave a talk in church here yesterday on the blessings of being a missionary.  it was a little over time by the time I finished it all believe it or not ha-ha 20min isn’t enough time to talk any more I guess.  We have church in our Apt, it’s the coolest thing!  After church we all get together and have a big dinner and visit for a while.  The Branch or Unit as they call themselves is great!! Bro Julius he brought a soup with testicles in it, he called it nut soup ha-ha so we had a bit of that.
So far things up here in Neepawa are great! People are nice, Apt is super nice, and the Unit is great!  I think I might like it here!
Well that’s really all for the week!
Love you all, talk to you next week!
Some of his letter to me:
It super nice here. Kinda feel like I’m in the Philippines ha-ha they are 90% of the pop up here, but they are the best!!!
BRO Angell told me he called you ha-ha that’s cool!  I really miss Flin Flon, never thought I’d say that but it’s really cleared a spot in my heart I guess.  Going to miss that branch and all the people back there I got to know. 
Can’t believe I’ve been out 5 months already!!!! Neither can Sister Judy Smith. (I love that we have couple missionaries out taking care of my boy that we know)

Monday, 10 July 2017

Neepawa, Mb

Hey sorry about missing last week. Not too much has happened in the Flon in the past two weeks, so you didn’t miss much.
So if you remember Evan the guy that seems super promising and had his dad with him from Calgary.  We have met with him probably 5-6 times now and he is the first progressing investigator I’ve had since I got to the Flon.... So that’s pretty nice! 
A family in the branch, the Drennan’s, had their basement flood, so we have been out there quite a bit lately pulling up old floor and all that good stuff! So that’s been keeping us busy.  We are going over there tonight to help them move out of that place.  Guess it’s too much work for them right now and they are just going to leave it for whoever will take the place and go someplace else from what I understand. Which kind of sucks...
Did a lot of service out in Denare for bro Angell this week and last week.  We cut lots of wood for him. 
The carpet here in the church was changed to some newer stuff over the past 2 weeks.  the people working on it aren’t members so they were smoking in the building a bit and they even ate our sacrament bread out of the fridge ha-ha  so that caused a bit of a problem.  We are pretty sure they lived at the church when they were doing the carpet here.  They had a clothes line out in the trees and they had food in the fridge and the lady was making food one night we came to the church.  But they are gone now and the church is back in its original form!
A few days ago we were out doing some work on our potentials list and one guy we came to was a little disabled and couldn’t walk very well and his big dog got out and was raising hell up and down the streets barking at everything.  But the guy wasn’t too worried about him, he’s like "ah he’s all bark, and no bit in him” so we were like okay I guess we won’t get him for ya.  So on our way out the dog of course starts to follow us and bark at us as we walk away, and this is a big freaking dog so every time he barks you can feel the ground shake ha-ha and Lewis he’s losing his mind and is trying to get away from this dog by running around me to keep me between him and the dog and imp laughing at him the whole time, he’s like "dude this dog is going to kill us!!" so finally we get out of view of this guy’s house and I kick the dog right in the face and he goes off yelping, doesn’t come back to bug us.  Lewis was so amazed that I did that ha-ha he hasn’t been able to not bring it up when we talk to branch members or investigators. He thinks that was crazy. Ha-ha so that was fun!
Earlier this week we had a lesson with a guy named Richard we have been meeting with off and on.  He has some buddies that live down stairs of his place and they are always drunk when we come over, but we usually don’t see much of them.  This time we saw a lot of them during the lesson.... They come up wanting to meet us and all that which we have done pretty well every time we go over there, they just don’t remember.  So we meet them again and they leave, for a bit... then they come back up with all these questions wanting to know why we believe we are the true church and the one guy Pablo wants me to answer a question and his question is " who is the devil?"  So I told him and he didn’t like my answer ha-ha he’s like "don’t use those kind of words on me!! I’m a people person and I know this and that and whatever."  I guess I used some big words ha-ha then this guy Matt who was actually interested in our lesson sat down and had some good Qs,  too bad he was drunk and probably won’t remember what they answers were. Eventually somehow the topic got on to me... not sure why exactly but it did.  Pablo told me my tie was pretty bad A and then they got to my shoes and wanted to know what I paid, and that went off on some stuff and Matt the whole time is sticking up for me bless his heart ha-ha telling Pablo off.  Just wait it doesn’t end there... then they go off on my looks and how I could have anyone I wanted and should be busy all the time, and how I was probably a lady's man.  Which brings the question from Pablo “would you give up your faith to go do stuff with whoever?"  Matt again comes to the rescue and was like what kind of Q is that!? Pablo’s like “I just want to see how good his faith is!" so I told him no I wouldn’t! Needless to say our lesson with Richard was over after those guys came up... But it was a fun experience ha-ha
Met this guy named Robert and he lives in the trailer park here, he’s in his 60s and has a few health challenges so he doesn’t get around very well. We had a lesson set with him for Saturday, first lesson with him.  Got there and he took us out side to do our thing, cause he said he was cleaning his place.  The lesson didn’t happen since he just talked about old times and his life, which is fine he was probably lonely living all by himself.  We got on the topic of books, because elder Lewis loves old books and Robert had a bunch in his place. So we ventured into Roberts place to take a look, and you would not believe how much crap was lining his halls!  It was tall as me and the path through his place was just wide enough to walk in... It was nasty!  Surprisingly though the place wasn’t all that bad smelling.  He had a room full of old movies stacked taller than me and probably 4 deep it was nuts!   So that Robert.

Got Tmail today..... Guess where I’m going?!

Well that’s pretty well our past two weeks in a nutshell, pretty exciting huh!?

Well I’ll talk to you all next week, in Neepawa, MB with elder Thomason my step son! Should be a blast!!

Brother Angell
Neepawa is almost back down to Winnipeg. He'll be happy not to have the long drive to zone conferences.
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Internet Was Down

On Sun, Jul 2, 2017 at 7:37 PM, Andrea Nelson wrote:
Just listening to some guitar recordings you left us. Man I miss you serenading us on Sunday afternoons. 💜
I know I miss it too! The internet is down at the church so I just got to tell you that we are going to shoot for another day to email.  I didn't die dont worry!
love ya all!!! did lots a service this week! Meeting with Evan later tonight, for the 4th time!!! he's coming along!!! 
 talk to you when I can!
They must have been busy because we never did hear from him again.