Monday, 2 October 2017

District Leader

Well this is some shocking news here in the AwaHIn district!  Elder hart is leaving and so is elder Hirschi.  Elder Hirschi is going home though so we knew that was coming.  Elder Hart is being transferred.... SO me and Elder Doolen are training, and I’m the DL....!!! R.I.P. Can Win mission, I don’t know what is going to happen with me and Elder Doolen training.
This week was decent, found a new investigator!!! Her name is Suzie, she’s Filipino, and has 3 kids.  Super nice and promising family! 
General Conf was super great!! We drove up to dauphin for the priesthood and stayed for Sunday session since we have to be here for DM on Tuesday.  Sunday me and Hirschi made a maze for Doolen and Hart to go through, that was kinda fun. They couldn’t make it. Ha-ha

 Love ya all!! Talk to ya next week!

General Conference

Love getting texts like this, makes a mom feel good to know her missionary is being taken care of.

"Cleaning up after lunch between conference sessions. Enjoying having your son here." -sister ?

Sunday, 1 October 2017

Patching Bob's Roof

Well this week has been kinda wet... its rained pretty well all week. I have a goal not to use my umbrella during my mission, and so far I'm doing good!  Its pretty funny seeing peoples reactions when we come to their doors.  One lady she saw us and she's like " your crazy!! its raining!  Go home!! "  " So your not interested in what we have to share!? " haha
Umm what else.... I think thats it really.  Not a whole lot to say this week.
 Hope all is good back home! love ya all!

Hey so I got a new member/ family the Michelson’s and his wife is from MT View!! Sister West.  She went to school with Matt Nelson's age group.Also I’m going out to Kelly’s tomorrow on exchanges with Elder Hirschi; should be fun!!
Working on Bob Barnaby’s roof.  He’s a funny old guy! Love that family! 

He told me to guess which side was his patching job and which was the other Elders...He's a Nelson not hard to know his work will look pretty even on an old roof. He has also spent many hours shingling a few roofs.




Seven Months Already

Well another week done here in Neepawa!  Hit my 7 month mark on Friday, kind of crazy to think it’s already been 7, sure doesn't feel like it!
Not too much happened this week.  Had ZC in Winnipeg with Elder Anderson from the 70 and his wife come down to talk to us about stuff, that was good! Don’t remember anything really other then it was good...
We started to re tract Neepawa on Saturday, the people are loving that.... it’s only been I think 5-6 months since they last started, so everyone remembers us.  Good thing they have been nice so far about us coming back so soon.
Ended up giving a surprise talk on Sunday!  Thank goodness for my stash of talks I’ve given in my desk. I gave my fair well talk on the Book of Mormon, it went pretty good.
We had exchanges with the Brandon Spanish elders here after ZC, so I and Elder black from Lethbridge went together for the day.  It’s kind of nice being with a fellow Canadian, don't have to put up with the Americans and their trash talk about Canada all day.  Elder Black did some language study with me and he pretty well just taught me the basics of Spanish.  So he’s got me practicing reading the B of M in Spanish so that I can transfer over to a Spanish elder someday ha-ha

Love ya all. Talk to ya next week! 

Expert on the Family!

Well first things first, we aren’t in Dauphin today with ZC happening later this week, so that means that I only have a hr. to write.  Which means I might not get to all of you today, so if I don’t get to you I’m sorry but I’ll get to you next week!
Not too much has been going on here lately, just the same old stuff as usual.  Got no crazy stories for ya either... But Elder Hart did teach his first law of chastity lesson this week; that was fun!! He did pretty good to, must be that trainer of his that makes him so good! jk jk
Met up this week with one of our LA (less active) members Bob, he’s awesome.  We helped him move a couch around and pick up parts for his VW collection he has.  He has a yard full of old VW's and he just works on them when he feels like it and restores them eventually. He gave me a Combucha plant while we were there! So now I got my own little plant to make Cumbucha with, we'll see how that goes though. 
Taught Sunday school again this week.  Lesson was on eternal families.  By the time I’m done here I’ll be and expert on the family!  This is the 3rd lesson I’ve taught on families.  Kind of feels weird teaching all these married people how to raise their kids and run their family, but it’s fun!
I think that’s about all that’s new for us this week.  Like I said not too much going on lately then the usual.

Love ya all, talk to ya next week!  

Yeah, I got my package you sent back with Millward's, don’t remember what was in it though... been kind of busy lately.
Can almost hear, finally!!!


Not Feeling Very Good

Well this week has been kind of sucky...I’ve been sick for most of it.  I got a wicked earache this Saturday night and was up till 1:30 fighting it off.  Still can’t hear outa my right ear very well but it don’t hurt much anymore.  Still feel like crap... thus no email for the week.

Love ya all. Don’t worry about me

Thursday, 31 August 2017

Southern Alberta Boys Meet Up!

Well another week has come and gone out here in the Can Win mission! Was a decent week for the most part.  Got to see who my trainee is finally!!! His name is Elder Hart, from Grand G Colorado, loves water sports and thats all i know really haha  i suck at gettin to know people as you can tell.  Got to see Keston and Morgan/ Elder Nelson and Berry during transfers!! that was nice.  Sounds like me and elder Nelson were both wishing president Craig was going to put us together for training, but the first thing pres Craig said was " alright im going to get the suspense here out of the way, now Elder Nelson here has his cousin Elder Nelson in this mission and he's right there on the computer screen, but they wont be serving together, yet."  But I got to see him later that say so that was good.

SO the first day for Hart we went and set up a lesson with Ed and Marilyn on saturday.  I knocked on the door and then stepped aside like i usually do, so when Ed came to the door he couldnt see me, all he could see what Hart and he doesnt know Hart yet haha I heard the door handle move like the door was gonna open but then it stopped.  So i put my head around the corner to see what was up, and there was Ed looking like he was ready to through Hart off his property!!  Then Ed saw me and he opened the door laughing.  He said he was gonna tell us to go away untill he saw me there haha   Hart almost got rejected by our investigators! So I thought that was kinda funny. 
Taught sunday school again this week.  did it on eternal family's, and from what i could tell it went pretty good!
Drove up to Dauphin last night like we usually do.  had our sunday night AwaHin poker tournament again, and i won, again haha   Not sure if thats a good thing or not....

And thats about it for the week.  Nothin to exciting.
love ya all, talk to you next week!

  This is what I call dedication! And a awesome wife!