Monday, 9 July 2018

President and Sister Hitchcock

July 9, 2018

So we got to meet President and Sister Hitchcock this week that was pretty sweet! They are super nice and they are way different then Pres. and Sister Craig. Pres and Sister Craig were pretty soft spoken and not super personal I guess you could say to the extent of like going to every group of missionaries and getting in on the conversation, the Hitchcock’s on the other hand they do that. Pres Hitchcock loves hunting, shooting stuff, and basically anything outdoors so I think we'll get along pretty good. Sister Hitchcock she loves baking, camping, and yeah pretty well all the stuff that Pres Hitchcock likes too. It was funny watching them during ZC cause they were trying to get better at calling each other by Pres and Sister rather than merry (yes it's spelled like merry Christmas) and Craig. They said we are all MPTs (mission president trainers) because they are going to need as much help from us as possible as they try to get started here. We are all pretty excited to see what goes on with them here, he said they weren't going to change much in the mission really so that’s nice. During ZC Pres Hitchcock had us all stand and sing his nomination for the mission song (we didn't have one before) it was I know that my redeemer lives, he told us he wanted us to sing it as if we were baring our testimonies of Him. As we sing that hymn I don't think any of us have ever felt that kind of spirit while singing, more than half of us were in tears (not me though...) and ah it was amazing. I think I now know why that is my mom’s favorite hymn. 
After ZC we had exchanges with sunrise elders again. I went with elder Delano and he's pretty good. He's kinda like elder Berry in some ways like with his jokes and deep voice haha so it was fun.
We went and saw Latisha the mom of the boy thunder that I baptized when I was there and when she saw me she screamed and gave me a big hug! She almost started crying even she was so excited to see me again. We had a good talk with her and her parents for about 2hrs. 
For lunch on exchanges we all went to DQ with our coupons and we all got basically a 2 for 1 meal deal so when they brought us our food we all had to things of what we got... So we had 8 full meals on our table haha they gave us a crazy look when they saw all that food was just for us 4 guys. It was a good deal up till about the time we finished it all... It was a lot of food.
Got back to Weyburn about 7 Wednesday night so we went and visited b brown and talked with him for a hr. or so till he sent us on a drink run for him before we left. 
Weyburn is a busy place right now with the fair going on till Sunday, lots a horses, cows, and people around kicking up all those good smells I love from back home! Kinda sucks but I love it at the same time. Every morning when we go outside it smells like I'm out walking around by our barn.
Had a pretty good busy day Thursday didn't even tract one door, that's how busy we were. Did some service for Kevin unloading shingles from his grain truck for a hr. or so, then he took is to lunch after at the club cafe which is a Chinese food place here in town. After that we had to catch up on our studies we didn't get to do in the morning so that took a few hrs. Once studies were done we went and met with bro brown and visited with him again for a while taking about what he'd been reading and answering questions he had. By the time we got out of there it was dinner time so we went to A&W to get our free root beer they are giving out on their coupons and came back to the apartment to eat. 
Spent the rest of the night taking with Dave and then the other Dave and his wife and conveniently enough they live right beside each other! Got formered by Dave and his wife sadly but they said we were welcome to their home any time. Gamer Dave as we call him he was still interested far as we could tell and we talked with him for 2hrs on his deck, just about any on everything came in that time haha it was good. 
Met with Velda, lady bro brown wanted us to meet with and teach. This time went about as well as we thought it would with her, she told us the book of Mormon wasn’t a word of God and that the Bible was the only thing from God and nothing else. Her favorite thing to say was "it doesn't say that in the Bible." then we'd show her where it does and she'd just shake her head and ask another question. Us being called by elders came up a few times and how no one in the Bible was called by elder (there was) she told us the Bible was a word of God because it hasn’t been disproved, so we told her neither has the book of Mormon but she didn't like that haha it was kind of a stand still lesson so needless to say we probably won't be going back there again.
On the other hand though we had a good lesson with John, Thelma's cousin. We talked about the gospel of Jesus Christ, we didn't get all the way through it but we spent the time we needed to with him on the first few points of the lesson so he could hopefully understand it all since he doesn’t understand English very well. Committed him to keep reading and praying every day and he said he would so let's hope he does! 
Had a high of 44° the other day.... So that was fun working in that. Luckily it was windy and that kept us decently cool during the day.
Had a lesson with gamer Dave the other day. It went alright, not a lot of progress there but we discussed a few things that he was wondering about and I think he has a slight interest in the book of Mormon and why we would believe every word of it to be true. Dave is a "skeptic" as he calls himself and doesn't have much faith in man made things or written things and he's also pretty okay with whatever happens to him. Basically his view is whatever happens happens and I'm just here for today and that’s all everything else I don't worry about, which I can relate to in some ways. He said he'd read the book of Mormon and we could meet with him next week same time n all so we'll see what happens then! 
Did almost a full day go service the other day helping out one of our investigators, John paint his aunts rental house in town and a few other awed jobs. It was good I think for him to just get to be around us and talk about whatever and get to know one another a bit better. He asked quite a few questions about church type things even so that was good. After we got done with John we helped bro Dudragne unload a freezer out of his truck to his back deck.
Had a full building just about on Sunday! The Shugart family was all there for a reunion I think? So Bro and Sis Shugarts 3 kids where there along with their family and all their families were pretty big it seemed, so we had lots a kids for primary! Church in Estevan was had 9 which was a good turnout actually! Especially for lately. 
Had another lesson with John Sunday night with bro and sis Dudragne. We finished off lesson 3 and John he seems to be understanding faith, repentance, and baptism now. We tried to set a date with him for baptism but he said he wants to have more faith and time to repent so he can be ready which I thought was great! It shows he really does want to know Christ and that he does want to be better, so we just set a goal of baptism with him for the 28tg of July just to work towards.

Lots of teaching, lots of learning and new things this week! It was good.

Well love ya all and talk to you next week! 



Tuesday, 3 July 2018

He Lives

I came across a book the other day with songs and art work by Hilary weeks and Simon Dewey it’s called He lives. Here's a little part of what I read in it. 
"He lives and everyday he watches over you. His love will never end for he's your brother, your savior, and friend. When I think of all he's done for me, I want to live so that someday I'll kneel at his feet and I'll thank him with my tears for his love through the years."
Often times we forget who we are, where we came from and what our potential is.
It is because of and through Jesus Christ that we can become who we are meant to be.  As we follow his example of how he lived his life on earth we can become that person God knows we can be.  It will take hard work and it won't happen overnight but I know as we do our best and learn from our older brother’s example that we can find our true potential. 
 Alma 36:3 says: 
"And now, O my son Helaman, behold, thou art in thy youth, and therefore, I beseech of thee that thou wilt hear my words and learn of me; for I do know that whosoever shall put their trust in God shall be supported in their trials, and their troubles, and their afflictions, and shall be lifted up at the last day."
If we trust in God and do what we know is right we can overcome anything. Have the faith to let God take the reins and that he will put in where you need to be. 
One of my favorite quotes is "pray as if everything depends on God, and work as if everything depends on you."  
God loves each one of you and he wants you to be the best you can and receive all the blessings he has in store for you.  I know we can accomplish all He has planned for us as we work as if everything we do depends on us and trust God to do the rest. 



New Mission President Arrives

July 2, 2018

This week has been good. Started it off with bowling here in town with the Regnier’s and the temple missionaries from Regina that I know pretty well, so it was us two young guys and eight older couples. All the guys they put on one side to okay each other and then all the lady's went on a different game next to us so they could take their time. Pres Regnier he won on our side then elder Hackett, and then me. I did pretty well the first but then my luck ran out. It was pretty fun playing with them because they could really care what they got cause most the time it was the gutter ha-ha
Did some service Tuesday morning with Kevin out on the farm moving posts and old wood around so that he could get the one yard cleaned up and ready to hand over to the new owner this week so that was fun!
Went looking for a less active in the haunted apartment, didn't find the ghost but we did run into a crazy old guy named Edward that kept us at his place for a hr. and a half just talking about anything and everything. He talked about Americans and how they all drive new cars and how they don’t actually pay for them. Also says he can tell the difference between American cars and Canadian cars cause they are loud and they are big and new. Also says that cowboys are dumb and so is rodeo haha cause they ride these horses and they land on their heads and then they get back on again, "they never learn!!" he says ha-ha Talked about trump a bit and how dumb he is and yeah it was pretty funny.
Had in person district meeting this week in Regina so that was a party and a half! Lots a construction going on around here....
Went to see Edward the other day and when we pulled up he was walking away from his place so we tracked him down and talked with him. Turns out he doesn't like Mormons.... Says they are morons haha also called us a few other things that I won't say in here. So he wasn’t too interested in meeting with us anymore. 
Ran into an interesting older lady named Kathy in our old apartment area back on 5th Street and she let us right on in before we could even tell her what we were doing. We told her once we all got introduced to each other that we couldn't stay long cause of the fellow ship rule we got as missionaries, but that didn't seem to faze her any because after we told her that she was like "just give me a second I gotta put my teeth in" haha so she left and while she was gone we gave each other the look of like what the heck... We gotta get outta here, we can't stay long. When she came back she told us to come in and close the door then said "sit down here, you’re not gonna strangle me are ya!" haha We told her about the book of Mormon and how it can help her in her life and where it takes place and she committed to read through it! We asked if we could come back in the next few days with a member and she said we could but that soon she would be gone for a few months in Moose jaw. She told us that she has seen us waking quite a bit around town and knew we used to live just down a few buildings from her, she says we are great young men to be walking so much to teach people about god. 
Pres Regnier called us the other day during lunch saying there was a lady in town that was needing a blessing and he wanted us to come along with him. The lady and her friend were from High River and they were up here to get the one lady’s boys from her ex and she was needing some comfort and we were the men for the job I guess! We had a good talk with them and they found it pretty cool that they ran into two Alberta elders serving together right next to Alberta. 
Had a good talk with brother brown (LA) this week and we were able to help him with finding out what church he wanted to go to. A few weeks ago he had a moment where he decided that he was going to go to the Catholic Church because he was told to by something to do that, so he left our church for a few weeks before the Catholic Church stopped coming to see him and show that they cared about him. Meanwhile we and President Regnier had kept coming by trying to help him with whatever he needed and that was a big deal for him because he felt needed, which he is, everyone is needed in a ward or branch because we all serve a different and valuable purpose. It was super good! We went back to his place on Sunday morning and we got him up and we waited for him to get ready and got him a ride so he could come and we think he enjoyed being back.
Got told by some people this week that I look like Elvis when he was young..... Haha I don't know if I can see that but hey that's cool. Also had some old ladies this week say they weren’t interested in our message but we were really handsome young men. Haha 
Sunday we did games night with the woodruffs, Dudragnes, and Morrissettes along with our new investigators John who us actually sister Dudragnes brother! So it was super good to get to spend some fun time with all them and get to build a little bit of a relationship with John. Before we left bro Woodruff had us share a spiritual experience from our mission and then went around to everyone else that had served and had any nice experience with anything spiritual. It was a really good thing for John I think to hear all the different things we have experienced.
Well the sad news of the week is we have lost our president Craig.... But the good news is we have a new President Hitchcock! We are all pretty excited to get to meet him finally on Tuesday for ZC.

Well that was our pretty decent week!

Love ya all and talk to you next week! 


Monday, 25 June 2018

I've Seen Those Things Pick Up an Elephant!!!

June 25, 2018

Well we started off the week pretty good. We got to teach a few lesson right after pday was done, one to an older guy named Ray and well we got to visit a bit with another guy named Rob.

Ray he let us in and we talked for a little about how the world is changing and how bad it is becoming, talked a bit about where he grew up and how the town is no longer there anymore (he's 83) the family had a farm out there and he told us how they would run milk into Weyburn 6 days a week and it was kinda cool to listen to some of his story's he had. We shared the restoration with him but by the end he wouldn't commit to reading the book of Mormon more we think just cause he didn't want to try something new or take the time which is sad but I mean we can't force anyone to read if they don't want to, all we can do is invite.

Rob he was super nice. He doesn't believe in God really but he was kinda interested it seemed and he even let us in for a few minutes for a drink, so we talked with him for a bit. Found out he was in a band and they were getting back together for a show in Prince Albert on July 1st and a couple other little deals around that time. 

Did more tracting and found more people this week that said we could come back so that was sweet! Lots a good things are slowly turning up here in Weyburn, only took about 6 months! It's nice though to finally see the area picking up.

The areas not the only thing that's picking up though, the bugs are getting super bad now... I call it the Mosquito dance when Elder Hornburger starts getting attacked and he's trying to get them all haha

Had a good lesson with a lady named Ceta, she's from the Caribbean and her husband is from Jamaica but he wasn't there so we had Pres. Regnier come along.

We taught the Restoration and it all went good up till we brought up Joseph Smith and prophets cause she doesn't believe that there is just one prophet on earth cause then how would everyone be saved. That would mean everyone that thinks they are doing the right thing like being baptized by their priests is invalid because they don't have the authority. We tried to help her catch the idea of how the prophet isn't the only one with the authority to do that stuff and that that authority is passed down throughout the church to the worthy men in it. That's just a sum of what we told her.

The book of Mormon was another hard one for her. She doesn't believe it to be a word of God and she doesn't believe that there is any one true church/religion, she believes there is one true God and she has found him and that's all she needs.

When we first introduced the Book of Mormon to her she seemed to think that if she read it then she would have to be converted to our church, which in a sense is kinda true but that was the main reason she didn't want to read it because she doesn't think there is one true church. We finally got her to say she'd try it out by the end of the lesson and even if she was to read it she didn't have to become a member but that the things in the Book of Mormon would help her in her life and bless her even more. Even got a return appointment after!

Did some service out at the church this week with Bro Shugart helping him pull up the old bushes around the building. We got destroyed by Mosquitos there, down in the bushes where I was hooking on the chain was bad it was like a cloud of them in there. Once we got all the bushes taken up the Mosquitos had no places to hangout so they took on the grass and when we were carrying the bushes off to the truck to haul away you would scare them all up and man it was bad, there were thousands of those things! Bro Shugart was like "careful I’ve seen those things pick up an elephant before."

Had exchanges this week with the sunrise elders so I got to go back to the sunrise area for a day and night with Elder Robinson!

Exchanges where pretty good in sunrise we did some stop byes with people that I worked with when I was there and we visited some LA’s, and even got dinner with the Moores! 

Had some drunk guys yelling at me and Elder Robinson asking what we were selling but we were a little busy talking with an investigator to answer them. Eventually they figured we must be potato sales men haha

Formered Albert this week sadly.... We went over to talk about the plan of salvation but ended up having a big debate on God having a body of flesh and bone, the book of Mormon, the afterlife and all that. 3hrs later we walked out after not getting to far with him and Elder Hornburger and him getting kinda heated again over stuff. We finished on a good note but it finally came down to Albert saying he wasn’t going to read the Book of Mormon ever because it was false and that we needed to pray for our eyes to be opened to the truth and hope God would lead us in the right way so yeah it was good... Maybe the next missionaries will have better luck.

Had a pretty sweet branch party this Saturday, did a waffle/games night with everyone that wanted to come member or not and it turned out pretty good. We had way too many waffles though...

Met a lady that told us she loves Satan and that she was okay with him and didn't need God so Hornburger asked "that's okay, do you want to talk about it?" haha she's like nope I'm good with Satan! So that was our fun experience this week I'd say for weird people at the doors. 

Church was good yesterday, I gave another talk here on member missionary work so that was good!  

Got caught with President Regnier in a rain storm when we came out of a less actives place.  From the house to the car running as fast as we could in our suits haha we looked like we had jumped in a lake it was coming down so hard.  It was only a 50 yrd sprint too.  The best part was seeing Pres Regnier jump a 4ft wide little river running down the road to get to his car haha we all had a good laugh once we got in the car and saw each other all wet.  

Well that's was pretty well our excitement for the week here!  It was a good week and this next week's gonna be another good one.

Love ya all, talk to ya next week! 


Friday, 22 June 2018

We are not failures till we quit trying.

June 18, 2018

to start off the week we had a bunch of super long meetings for district leaders and trainers but they were good. 

Did some more service, this time for one of the members in Estevan (the woodruffs). We helped them put up some sides on their trailer they just got and by the time it was getting close to us needing to leave bro Woodruff was like "you guys can't leave I need you" we tried to use we don't have our toothbrush or anything so we could get home and sleep at our pace but that didn't work. He said "oh not a problem we'll just make run to Walmart and get what you need there!" never again will I go shopping with bro Woodruff, he was so bad in there. He was running the cart into the corners of the racks and making stuff fall off there hooks but at least he'd pick it all up after. At one point he left his cart and was pushing a cart full of fruit that was for sale.... He was doing it all on purpose! At Canadian Tire he took the workers to do list and was going to add a few things to it!... Luckily the guy came back in time. Supposedly bro Woodruff used to work there for a bit, but still! Haha it was bad.

In the end we stayed the night and finished the project we came to help him with so that was good.

Said our goodbyes Wednesday to everyone and had one last feast at the all you can eat KFC here in town, then off to Regina! Picked up Hornberger and we stayed the night at sunrises apartment along with Elder Perhson. 

Thursday I got a call from Fowler while we were out tracting in the rain and he said Abadicio came out of the bathroom the night before and was like that idiot put numbing paste in my toothbrush again! Hahaha I had to do it one last time just so he'd remember me ;)

Hornberger is way quieter than me and Abadicio were. He's from Calgary so that's nice and he just got done serving with elder Berry up in Saskatoon. He's been out 6 months so still pretty new. 

Did lots a tracting the last bit of the week and even find a couple people that might work out we hope. 

Had a 3hr lesson the other day with Albert... It was pretty good lots a thing talked about and I think we finally came to some common ground by the end again. Talked about prophets, priesthood, church organization, and the Book of Mormon along with lots of other little things here and there. Most the talking was done by Hornberger and it was a very round and round lesson meaning albert would bring up something and Hornberger would end up back to trying to commit albert to read and pray everyday. By the end of the first hr. Albert was getting tired of this whole loop back to the book of Mormon thing and Hornberger I could tell was getting frustrated by at all too but for some reason they kept going on. Finally after 2 and a half hrs. I was like alright well we best be going now, is there a time next week we can get back together and continue this. We talked for a little longer after that and we all got kinda refocused on what we were all doing and finished the lesson off on good terms and everything so yup we'll go back there next Friday and see what we can do for him then. Good lesson I just felt like we were stuck in one spot and getting nowhere right now with it so I figured it best to finish up and come back later when we had a better idea in place then what we were doing.

Had a good end to the week. Spent most of it tracting and walking around stopping by people, the last 2hrs on Saturday were the best I'd say.

We were tracting down a street along the way home and we came across this guy Dave who was pretty open to taking with us even though he doesn't have much of a faith in God but knows there is something more seeing as everything is so organized. So we stood on his deck for a bit with him and talked about this with him and talked about what he does for work and all that stuff. Turns out he in a gamer and he gets paid to do it...! Has 2 kids a 9yr old and a 3yr old, his wife we don't know much about but she is the one that works out of the house and he's the stay at home mom he says haha

Super nice guy. We got taking about church and he said he'd see about coming this week and it kinda gave him some motivation when we told him there'd be food after so we'll see. We nicknamed him gamer Dave. 

A few houses down from him the next ones to answer was a lady names Stephanie and it was my door so I did the usual approach and added a few different things here and there and she let us in! She said just a second I'll get my husband he's putting the kids to bed. So we came in and they switched off and she finished putting the kids to bed and we talked with Dave for a bit while she did that. 

We talked about the book of Mormon and what it is and why it's so important as well as the Bible. We told them about Joseph Smith and what role he played in all of this. Then Stephanie asked the question "this is kinda silly but I'm just wondering, why you don’t drink coffee?" so we pulled out D&C for them and showed them there what God told Joseph Smith and everything we talked about they loved and took with open minds. By the end I think we had them really wondering what we had just gave to them (in a good way) Stephanie said "I have a friend back in Calgary who about a yr. ago texted me and said she met there two boys from your church and they thought me some things." she said "this is what I have been looking for! I gave finally found it! I should have known earlier cause my last name even sounds like it!" her friends last name in Mooreman haha so it sounds like Mormon. I think Stephanie was very curious as to what we are sharing that her friend had been searching for so long and now she had the chance to see. They both said they would read the book of Mormon and yeah it was super good. 

On the way home we had a lady named Carla chase us down the street wanting to talk to us haha She said "I know you guys, my ex is a Mormon and so I know what you guys do." Sadly before we could really get to talk with her friends managed to take her away... So we didn't get a number or anything for her. Hopefully we see her again and we can meet with her.

Sadly Dave the gamer didn't show up to church but we did get to talk with him on his deck for a hr. n a half after church. Talked about politics (well he did) and kids, then finally got to teach him some stuff about the restoration. He even asked us for a book of Mormon after we got taking about it, he’s like "you don't happen to have an extra one of those do you?..." so yup it was good. Hopefully he works out good.

Got a lot of dinner appointments here for the coming week, like 3 days in a row! So that nice but kinda bad at the same time cause they are all out for Weyburn so that means less k's to go see Eoin and Jessica later next week but we'll make due.

That just about does it for this week though. It was a good kinda long week but lots happened so that's alright.

Well love ya all! talk to ya next week! 
Stake President Noblet and new comp Elder Hornberger


We are not failures till we quit trying.


Staying In Weburn, Sask

June 11, 2018

Guess who's staying in Weyburn another transfer!!?
This elder is! Me and elder Hornberger are working here now, and Abadicio is going to Neepawa! We are both pretty excited about what happed for transfers.
So it was a pretty great start to this week working out at the Crowther’s helping them get their place all redone on the outside. We built a deck in the backyard and then we put up finishing around the outside of the roof and messed around with their kids for a bit. They got 3 girls Keah who's 12, Sam who's 11, and Mica (mouse) is her nickname that she get called all the time and she's 3, then the one boy Hedley who's 1. Mouse decided she could use me to help her get everywhere she wanted. She would hold my hand as we built the deck and have me help her walk her around the steps and all the tools then once she got to where she wanted she'd let go and turn around n smile and laugh at me. Super cute kid.
Eventually she even got me pushin her around in her mini cooper toy car, sister Crowther was like "looks like you've done this stuff before!" haha I said "nope I actually wasn't like this back home, well not very often anyway."
It was a good full day’s work out there though! I kinda wish I was in a service mission that would be sweet, but we do a decent amount of service out here so I'll be okay.
Went to a museum here in town with an investigator the other day. We stopped by him to see how they were doing and he's like hey let's go for a drink so on the drive to DQ we passed the museum and he's like hey have you ever been there? We said no so he turned into there and we went through it! Saw I think it was the largest silver collection in Canada! Most the stuff in there was like a first doctor’s office or music store in Weyburn type thing so it was cool, got to learn and see some of the history of the town.
Walking around passed the school by our place we passed a house and it had a girl standing in the door way smoking but as we got closer she tucked herself back inside the door a ways so all you could see was her hand and smoke, and as we went passed she cat called to us haha Abadicio thought it was me and I thought it might have been him but nope, so it had to of been her. That was the strange moment of the week for us.
Helped out Kevin (friend with missionaries. Not official investigator yet) this week cleanin up some trees that were hanging over his fence, spray painting some garden animals, setting up a little party tent, and helping water his flowers n what not. Had me up there cuttin the trees down guess everyone figures since I'm a ranch kid they can trust me to do any cutting they need done. Also helped him clean out a rental place of his out in Griffin for an hour or so the next day, even got some teaching in during it!
On Friday we had a really good lesson with one of our investigators Albert. Albert is a 7th day Adventist who talked with missionary’s a long time ago in dauphin Mb but from what we can tell they didn't share much with him. We have met with him a few times now and I think Friday was the 3rd or 4th time now. The first few times was spent talking about the Bible and faults prophets but Friday we finally got somewhere with him! We taught the restoration to him and we had a really good talk with him and he brought up some good points and questions for us. He said something I though was kinda cool and I wish I could remember exactly what he said but I can't so this is a rough idea of what it was he said "We have Christ so all we need to do is work through today, and let him take tomorrow." he was saying we shouldn't worry too much about tomorrow but we should worry about what's going on here and now and be doing the things we know are right and let God take care of the future and we'll be okay.
The rest of our week was spent tracting and trying to find some people we could talk with but we didn't get to much luck.
Got to 35 one day and man that as hot tracting on the houses with white doors and siding.
Sunday we gave talks in church and they went pretty good it seemed.
Had 5 people in Estevan church counting us.... But it was still pretty good.

Well love ya all, talk to ya next week! 

Elder Abadicio is getting transferred....Elder Nelson is staying😊
The Regniers take great care of the missionaries!


Drawing On The Powers Of Heaven

Drawing on the powers of heaven

Drawing on the powers of heaven is a little book that President Craig has made into some slides for us so that we can better use our time out here in the field and it is basically all about how we can better involve God in our life choices. 

To give you a bit of a background on the book it says "No amount of knowledge or skill can compensate for the absence of the powers of heaven in your life. With the powers of heaven to assist you, you can be successful in this mortal life in spite of the weaknesses because, in a very literal sense, the powers of heaven compensate for human weaknesses. Of you learn to call down the powers of heaven, your limitations- background and physical characteristics- become insignificant."

President Benson said "Men and women who turn their lives over to God will discover that he can make a lot more out of their lives then they can. He will deepen their joys, expand their vision, quicken their minds, strengthen their muscles, lift their spirits, multiply their blessings, increase opportunities, comfort their souls, raise up their friends and pour out peace. Whoever will lose his life to God will find eternal life. "



Powers of heaven are governed by spiritual laws. Faith is needed to seek miracles unless you exercise sufficient faith, you dent the lord the opportunity to help you in the course of your daily life, and to bless you with miracles. 

(Ether 12:8) The lord’s hands are tied until you exercise faith. Faith is a principal of action and power, and is the key to excellence. 

The powers of heaven cannot be controlled or handled only upon principals of righteousness. "Faith is a gift bestowed as a reward for personal righteousness. It is always given when righteousness is present, and the greater the measure of obedience to God's laws the greater the endowment of faith." said Bruce R. McConkie. 

There are many steps to obtaining faith and how we can use that faith properly to draw on the powers of heaven in this book and I'm not going to put out everything it says in the sections but I'll give you the headings and you can determine the meaning of them. 

• Righteous desires and faith. 

• Righteous desires and paying the price. (What will you do to obtain what you are seeking?)

If you truly desire something you will have the necessary motivation to pursue your goal thoroughly. By contrast, if your goal is not a sincere desire, you will not be inclined to pay the price required to achieve it. 


Principals that govern faith. 

1. Selecting righteous desires

2. Plead your case before the lord

3. Exert yourself mentally

4. Sustained effort



We must have goals to make progress, encouraged by keeping records... As the summer or the jumper or the runner does.


“When performance is measured, performance improves. When performance is measured and reported, the rate of improvement accelerates." 

     –President Thomas S. Monson


Goal setting.

1. State your desire

2. State your resolve

3. State help needed from the lord

4. State your commitment

5. Measure your actual performance and revise goals under inspiration


Goals should be means, not ends.

Goals are not the end result; they are simply milestones that lead us to set and accomplish other goals. For example going on a mission is not an end goal; when we get there we set other goals.


Seek the gift of the spirit. Generally your ability achieve goals will be greatly enhanced if you first seek the gift of the spirit.

(D&C 46:8)

Gifts of the spirit include power to recall renewal of body, etc.; they are virtually unlimited. 


Exert yourself mentally. 

The thoughts process itself is the key to exercising faith. To a great extent we accomplish what we think about. In other words, what you think about today, tomorrow, or next month will mold your attitude and determine what you will accomplish during your life. Your life is influenced more by your own thoughts than anything else. 

A quote I like that goes along with this is 

“The mind is like a field, you will harvest whatever you plant and nourish."

In here it's says "do not confuse the preoccupation of worry and anxiety with the preoccupation involved in exercising faith. When your mind is prone to dwell on the adverse consequences of events which you assume you have very little control over, that is worry. In contrast, if your mind dwells on the possible consequences of various courses of action which you will control to a great extent, you are exercising faith. "

(Moroni 9:27)


Control your mind.

1. Train yourself be conscious of your thoughts.

2. Learn to scrutinize your thoughts to determine if they add to or detract from your faith.

3. If thoughts detract from your faith, replace it with thought that is based on faith.

Another quote I like that goes with this is "starve your distractions, feed for focus."


Sustained effort. 

Be willing to pay the price! Your faith will be tried. Maintaining faith in the face of opposition (Alma 36:3 D&C 58:4)


How to enhance your faith.

Express gratitude.


The summary of how to exercise faith to draw on the powers of heaven.

1. Have a clear understanding of faith as a principal of power.

2. Have a realization that the powers of heaven are governed by individual faith.

3. Live righteously.

4. Prayerfully select righteous goals (desires).

5. Specify when your goals (desires) will be obtained.

6. Specify your goals (desires) in writing.

7. Plead your case before the lord, telling him what effort or sacrifice you are willing to make to achieve your goal (desires).

8. Consistently think about [and visualize] your goal (desires).

9. Use all of your willpower to think positively about [and visualize happening] your potential to achieve your goal (desires) with the lords help.

10. Consistently remind yourself that the added power and strength from God that is now at your disposal is based on individual faith.

11. Remember the lord is anxious to grant your righteous desires if you will but qualify yourself.

12. Make your specific goal (desires) a matter of constant prayer [specify the specific blessings you will need from the lord which will require you to draw on the powers of heaven]

13. Pray that the lord will enhance your ability to exercise faith as a principal of power.

14. When you face a situation that causes you to doubt your ability to achieve your goal (desires), learn to offer a mental prayer to request the lord’s help, then exercise faith that he will help you, remembering that if you lack faith you deny the lord the opportunity to assist you.

15. Repeatedly reflect on the promise made by the savior: "Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you" (Matthew 7:7)

16. Recognize at the outset that your faith will most likely be tried.

17. Make certain you do your part in your efforts to achieve your righteous goals (desires).



There will be times when you will begin to exercise faith in a desire that is not approved by your heavenly father. When this is the case you experience a stupor of thought and it will be virtually impossible to be able to focus on your mind on your desires. When this happens you should cease your effort to exercise faith regarding that desire and make every effort to prayerfully determine why the desire was not appropriate.