Monday, 27 November 2017

All We Can Do Is Pray

The weather has felt like spring, it’s been in the 3-8 degree range all week, sunny for the most part, and we have almost no snow!!! 
This week we did quite a bit of finding and stopping by people trying to get in to teach them, been kind of tough though with the amount of Km's we have per day.  We have 29 k's a day... and we have gone over the last couple days by 10 I think.  So we have done a lot of walking to try and save our butts. 
So I’ll give a quick summary of the cop story Sister Dalsing mentioned last week. 
So me and Black were tracting in the place we call little India cause of all the East Indians there, we had been there for a few hrs. Knocking and not really found anyone and it was pretty darn cold but we kept going. We got to this one door with a bunch of stuff outside of it kind of like they might be moving, so we knock and we didn’t get an answer but as we start to walk away a girl opens up the top window and asks what we want- we tell her and she told us to come back at 5.  We tract for a bit till then and go back.  We go in and its 3 kids all about our age sitting in the dark.  We start talking with them and getting to know them, they are super nice kids, with some bad family problems.  We start teaching them and about 5 maybe 6 minutes in the girl stands up and starts to hyperventilate saying cops or someone is here! Cops came to the door and called for her, so they talked to her and the boys stayed inside with us. The lady cop kept saying either you or all of you are going to jail I don’t care! Meanwhile the boys are telling us how they had been praying for help and someone to come to them and that day we showed up. They saw that God had answered their prayers and they were so happy they were crying.  It was a really cool experience.  They asked why all of this was happening when they were trying to live well and do good things.  They said they couldn’t even stay at the house during the night for fear of someone coming in and doing something to them.  So every night they waited till dark and then locked the doors and went out the back door to go some place else to sleep for the night. We feel so bad for them, but we don't have the power to change what was happening or to really even help them other than to tell them God loves them and knows what is happening and in the end they will be okay. We called the kids a few days later to see if they were okay and found a place to go.  They were okay but hadn’t found a place to go yet. All we can do for them really is pray they will be okay, so that’s what we've been doing.
Not too much has been going on this week other then we move a lot of people, do lots of finding, but its good!

Well I’ll talk to you all next week! Love ya


Hope the story makes sense.


Saturday, 25 November 2017

Regina, Sask

Hello Elder Nelsons family and friends! This is Sister Dalsing Typing. Elder Nelson didn't want to email you, but I told him that he has to email yall so now I’m writing it for him.
This week has been good! Elder Nelson is in Sunrise ward. The members are nice. The work is going good! Elder Black, his companion is awesome. They almost got arrested by a lady cop.
The winter is getting colder and it's weird being in a big city. I miss going fishing and hunting and riding my horse.
Elder Nelson loves you all! Have a great week!!!
So yeah that pretty much my week!  If I had some more time I’d tell you more about the cops and all that good stuff, but we are heading off here soon to go bowling.
Elder black is pretty great.  He’s from Logan Utah, and yes he’s the same elder black that trained Elder K. Nelson.  He reminds me a lot of my Uncle David ha-ha he says a lot of the same things David does.

The weather here is way colder than MB!! It’s so cold at night, but it’s been good.  The big city isn’t too bad so far.
The area is good I like it so far. I’m going to get so lost in here though, I don’t even know where we are going half the time on the roads.
Love you all!


Elder Smith
First snow in Manitoba.








Goodbye Neepawa

Well goodbye Neepawa.  Kind of sad to leave it but not really.  I’m going to the Sunrise area in Regina with Elder Black and I’m the DL still... not too sure how I feel about that but.

I had a few things I was going to say this week but now I don’t know what it was, so this is going to be another short email.

Got lots of snow this week.  Got down to -20 one day!  

Almost have a baptism date with Marilyn!! Still have a few things to get over with her but she’s coming along!  

Umm yeah that’s really all that went down this week...

Love ya all sorry it’s kind of short again this week
I may have given Riley a butt kicken over email about the lack of info in his letters.
His response:
I know I’m slacking on letters but idk what else to put really!!? It’s all the same every week, it’s cold, we tracted, got lunched by an investigator, talked to Ed and Marilyn, and had church" that’s our week almost every time. If I had more to write I would. 
Today was kind of  flipped my day around... it’s kind of killing me inside to leave these guys and to go be DL for people I don't even know. Lots going on right now.  Lots a big change. Don’t worry I can do it, just give me a bit of time to get things figured out.
Love ya mom.  I’ll try to do better in the coming weeks.


He Almost Killed Us!

Well you can all stop worrying now! I am not dead, the internet was down this morning in the library here in Neepawa and you know what that means when I’m emailing in Neepawa, only an hr. to talk.  So again if I don’t get to you I’ll try to this next week.

So not too much exciting this week.  We did some tracting and had exchanges with dauphin down here in Neepawa on Wednesday.  We also had ZC on Thursday that was long but good!  Oh Elder Doolen just about killed me and him Wednesday on the way to Gladstone to stop by some members.  It had been snowing all day and it was kind of warm out so the snow was melting as it hit the ground, but later in the day it turned to ice...  and later in the day was when we went to GS.  So we were driving down the road talking about going to his home place AZ after the mission and he’s like well all we got to do is go like this! He grabs the steering wheel and yanks it towards him!! We go fishtailing all over the road with the roads all iced up! Somehow I managed to keep us on the road and got the car back under control.  I gave him a little bit a crap for that one needless to say ha-ha it’s like he’s never drove on bad roads before!  (Cause he hasn’t)

Went to a Ukrainian Catholic church on Sunday, that way different!  We were out driving around late Saturday night looking for people we could help move snow for and we saw this guy clearing his church walk way, so we stopped and helped him and after we got done he invited us to church! So we went! I’m so glad our church doesn’t burn candles during it or get up and down every 2 min!

And that our week!   Well a quick rundown of it.  I’ll tell you more when I get home ha-ha

Love ya all! Talk to you next week!

Battle of the Pounds

Well this week was a cold one, finally got snow up in here... not to much though so that was alright.Was enough though to turn Neepawa into a frozen waist land.  it’s pretty funny to see all the Filipinos walking around with just their eyes showing ha-ha guess they think it’s a little colder than I do. 
Had exchanges with dauphin this week so we were up there for the start of the week doing stuff with them.  Met a guy they are teaching named Zack.  He’s a Satanist atheist, kind of different I know.  Super nice guy that loves to talk and ask question.  Told us that there is a certain beauty behind some of the Satanist beliefs, like the skull for instance.  It’s a symbol of death and how we need to live every moment of our lives to the fullest, cause death is always around the corner.  Pretty interesting huh
Found a new investigator Mark here in Neepawa a few days ago!  He’s working 2 jobs so he’s never home but we caught him home the other day so we got lucky.  He is trying to get his family here from the Philippines, and he likes to explore religions!  So we might get him to church!!
Something the AwaHin district started this week was the AwaHin Battle of the Pounds for one week.  its where me and elder woodruff are trying to lose the most weight in one week VS Elder Doolen trying to gain the most weight in one week.  Elder Smith didn’t want in on it so he’s kind of the judge.  And at the end of the week we all get together with or weights and see which one won ha-ha stupid I know, but we got nothing else to do but that and mission work.  Me and elder woodruff have lost 10-11lbs since Tuesday night and elder Doolen so far has gained 11.  So that’s been our excitement out here in the middle of nowhere for the past week.

And that’s the week for ya really. 

Love ya all, and talk to you next week!          



Finished the Book of Mormon Again!

Not a whole lot went down this week.  Did lots of service for everyone as usual, which I was just fine with. 

Me and Elder Doolen got yelled at by a guy last night for knocking to late at night, it was only 8:15! We weren't even at his door when he came out yelling at us so it was kind of funny.  He’s like "hey you guys know what time it is!?  Its 8:30!  Who’s going to open the door for you guys at this time of night? (His wife answered the door at his place) its pitch dark out here!!"  He even said he was going to call the cops on us but we kept knocking anyway. 

So that's our week really... wish I had some more to tell.  Maybe next week!

Love ya all!

Finished the Book of Mormon this morning!! 2nd time in the mission/ever!!
Oct 16,2017

Elder Smith and I 

Two Nineteen Year Old Boys

Well we are here in Neepawa this week so you know what that means, only an hr. of email time so if I don’t get to you this week ill for sure get to you next week!
Crazy to think I only have 4 more months and I’ve been out for a yr. already!  Hit the 8 month mark yesterday. 
Lots of good things happened here this week in Neepawa, well maybe not a lot but a fair amount.
We spent most all of Thursday at the Neepawa press and banner putting newspapers together for all the areas around us here.  Met lots of good people to know here in the town, even got to go out for dinner with the boss of the press and banner at Boston Pizza.  So that was a pretty good day for us!
Then yesterday we did some tracting for our PIs (potential Investigators) and we got let into a house and taught a guy named JC, he’s 33 and has a family of 3 as far as we could tell. To no surprise he’s Filipino!  We taught him the restoration and as we went through it he just kept on opening up to us more and more.  He has a lot going on in his life right now with his wife, work, and trying to take care of his son.  Sounds to us like he and his wife has some sort of miss understanding and she left to go back to the Philippines... So he’s not doing to well right now with that.  He was very excited to have two 19yr old boys teaching the gospel to him.  He doesn’t like very many churches anymore, because he says they are all out for their own personal gain and don’t care about the people.  But he liked us because I guess we aren’t out for money and aren’t tainted by society yet ha-ha
A few times during the lesson he about broke down and started to cry just from some of the things we said.  When we got to the first vision part of the lesson that was the strongest I’ve felt the spirit in a lesson since the MTC.  And that brought him and Smith to tears, it was a pretty neat experience for all of us I think.  We Committed JC to C.P.R. so church, to pray, and to read the B of M, and we even got him to commit to a baptismal date for the 18th of Nov! So this week was a pretty good week for us.  We are pretty sure that JC will be baptized.  It might not be with us, but we feel that somewhere down the line he will be baptized!  But we really hope it’s with us!

And that’s all the really exciting news from us for this week!

Love ya all, talk to you next week!