Wednesday, 14 March 2018


March 12, 2018

Well our week has consisted of us shoveling and blowing our parking spot and the church! It was pretty fun believe it or not. Only got partly stuck twice! Once coming out of A&W (where we emailed on p pay) and once about 50' from our parking spot at the back of our apartment... So you might be wondering how one gets partly stuck, let me tell you how that works. So it's where you’re stuck but didn't need any assistance in getting out from anyone else other than your comp ha-ha elder Fuster got the honors of pushing our two wheel drive out of the drifted parking lot at A&W and at the apartment. Poor guy didn’t know how to really push a car out even after I showed him and instructed how to do it. But he wore himself out none the less. Thought he was going to die on the couch in the apartment once we got home from the heavy breathing and cries. "Elder I'm so tired, that was so hard" ha-ha I got a good laugh out of it. Wasn't any different when it came to cleaning the church walks with their 3' drifts or the spot where we park behind our apartment. He was about dead after shoveling for 15min ha-ha not even. All I could do was laugh at 'em.
I told elder fuster when we stated to clear our parking spot out "watch, once we get this done some guy with his bobcat is going to come in and clean this all out." sure enough once we were all done and leaving to go see some people there was a guy coming to clean out the snow!... Whatever it was fun anyway.
A couple in the ward (branch) keep forgetting it’s not a ward, anyway they did a little presentation on their mission in Wyoming on the trails there. It was super good! Had lots of nonmembers there. Mike even came to it. That's the guy that came to church on Sunday that I didn't know was an investigator till after ha-ha.
Listening to them taking about the trail reminded me of when our ward went, and all the memories we had from doing that. Having bro and sis Berry as my mom and dad for it ha-ha Good times! Still remember the song they always sang on the trail. Can't remember the name of the actual song right now but it was funny.
Had interviews with P Craig Thursday up in Moose jaw along with district meeting, so we did another week of driving. Drove about 10hrs total. Heading out to swift again tonight for exchanges so that'll start the week off with 3hrs. I don't mind too much though, get to see lots while driving.
So I don't know how many of you have ever experienced waking on tile with snow on it. I'd recommend not walking on it if you can avoid it, me and elder Fuster found out the hard way that is slick...! We didn’t have much choice once we found out it was slick if we were going to walk on it or not, because hey that might have been the one we came to that area to find!
Going up was alright, the way down was fun though! We were being pretty careful because we knew we would die if we weren't. I found out what the railing is really for on steps ha-ha is to catch one that is falling helplessly to the ground. That's all that saved me from hitting the ground at the bottom of the steps ha-ha elder Fuster thought it was pretty funny till he about bit it too! #strugglesOfCanWinMissionaries
it’s odd now to think you guys are on the same time as we are here in SK now. I used to think I was sending my emails off late somedays but then I'd remember that when it's 10 or 11 here it's only 9 or 10 back home so I was safe. Guess that won't happen anymore.

Well love ya all! Talk to you next week! 

Thanks for the Opportunity

March 5, 2018

So this week was lots of fun, spent some time driving in a snow storm here in Weyburn. Came out of church and it was good. You could see a storm was coming but you could tell that yesterday.  All the women in the branch were nervous about us going out to Estevan for their church but pres. Regneir was like ya you should be good I’d say, so off we went!   Made it there and back safe and sound no problem.  It was about an hour after we got back to Weyburn that the snow started to come, she's been coming down ever since. 

About 8 pres. Regneir called us up and was like "hey what are you two up to? I got this home teaching last here for you.  Maybe if the roads aren't too bad you could come get it and have a little chat while your here?" so we told him yeah we can give it a shot. Me being me I’m either  all in our or I'm not so once I hit the edge of town I wasn't turning back.  Took us about 5 min longer than usual but we made it alright there and back!  Had a few interesting moments along the way but we were good.

Aside from all the snow yesterday this week's was pretty decent.  Had exchanges in swift current with fowler and Olson. I ran into a few more people that know the Sorpold’s, Mckenzie Parson’s being one of them.  Guess he had Bart as a ym’s leader back in the day so he had lots of stories to tell me!

Lots of driving this week.... Wasn't too bad I guess, did about 10 hrs. total roughly.  Drive through the place they did the TV show corner gas, that was neat.

Um what else did we do this week that good other than tract?  Taught our first lesson that wasn't a member present or La lesson so that was nice!  It was with Rossell, Rov, and Jessica.  We just read the induction to the book of Mormon and talked about it. Rov had lots of questions for us! Almost got them to come to church yesterday even! They didn't make it but one of our long lost investigators Mike did! Didn't even ask him to come, I didn't even know he wasn't a member until we met with him after church for a quick lesson... My B.  Super nice guy 29yrs old far as pres. Rengier can remember.  Pretty quiet and kind of slow taking but nice none the less!  We got dinner with him and the Lim's in Francis on Friday so that should be good!

Had an interesting experience this week while tracting.  We were knocking the trailer parks and most everyone was pretty nice thank goodness, this week was kind of bad for finding nice people. Got lots of angry ones I instead.  Anyway we knocked on this old guys door and I told him who we were and what we were sharing with people, and kind of got the usual answer "no were are good thanks anyway" I tried a little bit more to try and get a yes but to no avail.  On the way down his steps though he said something that stuck with me the rest of the day. He said "thanks for the opportunity" in my whole yr. of being out no one had ever said that before, and the way he said it made me think to myself that he knew that what we were sharing was something more than just a message of Christ and he missed his chance in a way.  I don't know I just found it interesting that he said that.
Had a baptism here on Saturday for Ben Buchanan. Ben is eight and is the step son of our investigator Eoin (Owen) so that was a really good experience for Eoin to get to see happen.  They keep telling him "your next!" and he doesn't say "no I'm not" (imagine that being said with an Irish accent and that's Eoin) ha-ha so him not saying it’s not him next is a good sign I'd say.  Had a couple other none members there besides Eoin.  Thomas's girlfriend, and his uncle.
Pretty good week over all I'd say.  We'll see what this week brings for us!

Love ya all! Talk to you next week!

If anyone has a topic for a little spiritual thought they want me to add in my next email send me your ideas and I'll see what I can come up with.  Makes my studies in the morning more effective when I got something like that to do.
Nasty roads
 Black vehicle is theirs
 Road trip
What does family mean to you? 

Family to me is people I can turn to anytime for help and comfort.  People who love me for who I am, and are there to correct me when I need it. 

Having good family relationships can take work and I know it's hard to always love someone who knows how to push your buttons, but as you try to love and be the good kid your parents know you are, your family will be blessed and strengthened in  so many ways. 

Many of the problems in our families are often caused by individuals thinking only of themselves and what they need or want at that moment.  Along with things like speaking unkindly, not sharing, continually pestering siblings, and not obeying your parent’s makes home not a place of peace.  Here is some good news though! You can change the feelings in your home.  By not being a part of the problem,  reacting to little poke's and prods from siblings, and listening to your parents things will be better in the home. There will be more love, the spirit will dwell there more often, and you will get along with one another better than before. 

Your example in the family can make all the difference.  If you are arguing with your sister or brother have the strength to stop and leave the situation. 

 Love kills contention.  Love your sisters and brothers.  They are going to be with you forever and they will be some of your best friends even if you might not think so now. Family will always be there for you in times of need. 

Respect you parents and willingly do the things they ask of you.  Participate in family prayer and scripture study.  If your family doesn't do regular scripture study and prayer be the example and pull the scriptures out and try to start something good in your home.  You could even start with something a little smaller and just read the scriptures on your own.  When your family sees the example you are setting eventually they might join you in your studies. The family a proclamation to the world says Happiness in family life is most likely to be achieved when founded upon the teachings of the Lord Jesus Christ. 

I know this to be true.  I have seen many family's on my mission that don't have the blessings in their family that come from living the gospel.  It's hard for me know the answers to some of their problems and them not seeing that the things we are sharing with them can help improve their situations and they turn it down.  We are truly blessed to have the teachings of this gospel in each of our homes.  Take advantage of these things, read the book of Mormon every day, pray always, go to seminary, and always go to church even if it is at 9am and you’re tired.   As you do your part in living the gospel and in strengthening your family, being that peace maker, and a good example you will feel the difference in your home and you will be drawn closer together as a family.  

Do these simple things now to help prepare yourself to be the husband or wife you are meant to be, and it will be much easier to lead your family in the right direction when the time comes. 


Wrecked President Craig's Van

February 19th

Well this week we have found out that Weyburn is trying to run us outta here... almost anything crazy you can think of happened to us this week.  We started off the week really good with a wreck.  We were at a 4 way and I got up there, took my turn, and about halfway across the intersection this lady comes flying into us on the driver side smashing the front end of P Craig's mini Van!!!!! she moved us 3 feet from where she hit us...she says it’s my fault but Fuster said he didn’t see her there when we started to move either so we think she came a little fast into the intersection and tried to stop but couldn’t make it  before the stop sign.  So yeah, we have spent the week in and out of the police department and SGI; been lots of fun!  

The other day coming to a 4 way again up town after we got our rental there was a guy that came rocketing across the intersection trying to stop but didn’t make it either, he was across the intersection before he got stopped... people here just don’t pay attention to the road.  Pretty sure he was on his phone.  
Also had a guy that same day as the rocket guy try to commit suicide or something by using our car to do the job... It was dark and we were driving down town and this guy was standing off a little in one of the alleyways and I slowed down a little just because and just about the last minute this guy comes running out in front of me trying to get hit!!! I dodged him thankfully but it was only by a little.  He was 1 1/2 feet from the car as we drove by him... 
There must be lots of people here ready for the gospel, because everything has been against us in getting work done effectively.  Hopefully this week is a little less adventurous.
Did lots of service with Bro Shugart and his wife this week and helping them stain handcarts for the stake trip this summer.  Reminded me a lot of working in grandpas shop with'em.
Might be getting lucky and moving Apt's by April 1st!! So that’s nice.
Yesterday we spent the day doing a road trip to Carnduff to meet with the Buchanan’s.  Its 2hrs from Weyburn and they live in the middle of nowhere, but we found it alright! 
Got to touch a horse for the first time since I left on the mission!  1 yr. and 3 days since I touched a horse, it was good.  
had dinner with the Buchanan’s and then did a short lesson since we didn’t have much time after dinner till we had to leave to get home kind of on time.  We got home at 10:20...But it was worth it.
Eoin is coming along pretty good with things.  We just wish we could have had more time to talk with him after than we did.

But yeah that was our crazy week! 

The van doesn’t look to bad in the pic but it was decently bad.  

She didn’t start after. ;/      


Record Player!

Feb 12, 2018

So this week has been kind of crazy with the move and everything, we've done lots of driving and meeting with the leaders in the area so we can get a feel for what needs to be done.
The apartment here is super nice, and very old!  Here are some of the good things about the apartment.  We got a shower that has the shower head held up by tape so that it doesn't fall on us.  The light switch in our room has to warm up for 10min every time you turn it on before you get light in there ha-ha and the water is slightly brown when you first turn it on.  I think it’s a good mission apartment just for the story's we'll get from it.  Elder Fuster he’s okay with it but he’s for sure gonna talk to Sister Robinson in the mission office to see if we can get something a little nicer. Best part about the apartment is that we have a record player!! Sunday Mornings with Charley Pride all day long!  It’s pretty good. 

Church yesterday was good, we spent the whole day driving around with Pres Regnier to Estevan for church and other meetings after church in Weyburn.  Me and Fuster taught our first lesson together after church in Estevan to the Buchanan fam.  The husband is not a member and is investigating the church and even comes to church and reads the B of M already! His big thing though is that he doesn’t want to let his family down by changing from Irish catholic to Mormon.  He has a big spot in his heart for Joseph Smith and what he did for the church.  We taught him the restoration and we must have said the things he needed to hear at this time cause he started to cry and man was the spirit ever strong in that lesson. Fuster said that was one of his best lessons on the mission he’s had, and that’s saying something cause he’s done after this transfer.  
Everyone asks me if I know the Sorpold's and they are pretty excited to find out that I do. So that’s cool.  
Hmm I think that’s it for the week.  Was a pretty quick week with the move and figuring things out for the area.  

Well love ya all, talk to you next week! 

Off to Open Weyburn, SK

Feb 5, 2018


Well we got t mail today! Elder Sauni and I are done sadly but me and elder Fuster get to open an area so that's pretty sweet! We are going to Weyburn Sk.  Made one of our members cry this morning when I told her I was gone, her little boy Quinn isn't too happy either.  She told him his cowboy was leaving... He sat with me and Sauni yesterday at church in his cowboy boots and stuff ha-ha  Lots of good people I’m leaving behind but I know I’m needed someplace else where I can help those people just like I did here.  We already got a play date me and Quinn for when I get home to go ride horses.  (Quinn is 3) 
This week was good lots of things happened but I left my paper with all the things that happened this week back at the Apt so I’ll have to see what I remember, it’s hard to remember what you did on the mission after the weeks over.  
We taught the Ali family again this week did a little English learning through gospel lessons.  We used a whiteboard and had them write things on it that god made and then had them all read it.  Also showed them the game charades, they loved that.  
We did a little Valentine gift for sister Rutton since she does so much for us as missionaries.  We got her a monkey that works to the song sugar ha-ha she thought that was pretty great!  Said that’s the only thing she’s ever gotten from a boy on Valentine’s Day!!!! So that was cool.  We just did a ding dong ditch when we gave it to her, but according to her she knew the elders brought it to her right when she saw it. 
Got to see Bob King the kid singer that came to Raymond when I was in elementary.  His wife was giving a talk at the Lewvan elder’s baptism this Saturday.  And I did a musical number on the guitar at it.  So after Bob came up to me and asked a few questions and we got talking and yeah.  He’s had a stroke and can’t play anymore with his left hand so that’s sad.  Super cool to run into him on the mission 10 yrs. later though! 

Ummm what else did we do this week...I can’t remember I’ll have to get back to you all when I remember. 

It was a good week.        

Thunder's Baptism

January 29, 2018

Well this week has been a super crazy busy week, lots has been going on. 

To start off the week we had the other district leader elder Jensen call me late Monday night wondering if he could interrupt my district meeting the next day so he could roast Sister Goddridge during his portion ha-ha so of course I said yes! So the backstory to this plan is sis Goddridge did a portion last week on baptism and she compare it to volleyball and made a little cheer out of it seeing as she was a cheerleader before she came out here.  The cheer was "bump it, set it, spike it, that’s the way we like it!" So the plan was for my elders in the district to come in with pompoms and a big poster and start cheering Bump it, set it, spike it, that’s the way we like it! he was going to call us when he wanted us to come and do that.  It was pretty funny, we got he so red when we came bursting through the door yelling that and jumping around the table.  Scared sis Stokes when we came in screaming. Ha-ha so that was the start of the week.

Middle of the week we walked everywhere to get to our things since the ZLs took our car/ their car again, that was an adventure in itself.  We had a lesson late one night and it was a 40 min walk from our place to there, but luckily bro Moore gave us a ride after dinner at his place so we only had to walk one way.  He dropped us off and we went to the house and sure enough she lunched us... So we walked up the street a ways and tracted a house for fun.  They let us in!  A family on 8 from Africa that doesn't speak much English!  So we did what we could with that and set a time to come back the next day.  

The way home was super fun for us!  Sauni wanted to take the off road way home to save time but to tell the truth I think we took the same amount of time as we would have going the other way.  But it was fun ha-ha we jumped through people’s yards and ran across the main roads going into Regina, wouldn't suggest doing that, it’s pretty busy! We made it home alive before 9 so that was good! 

The next day we went to visit the Ali family (the ones from Africa) and we did an English lesson with them, which was not what we planned for them but it was fun!  Never had to teach English on the mission till then and it probably won't be the last.  They want us to come back every Thursday at 5 to teach them.  So we are going to teach them English with primary lessons.

After the lesson we went to the temple!! First time since I got out of the MTC.  It was super good! 
Friday night was an interesting night.  We went and helped Leticia our recent convert with the White Pony Lodge, it’s a program that they have for north central to help keep it a safe place.  So they go out every Friday and Saturday from 6-9ish and walk the streets at night cleaning up needles, and really anything that is potentially dangerous.  So we did that, but to start off Leticia has us all sit in a circle and smudge then talk about why we are here ha-ha it was interesting. Me and Sauni didn’t do it. Than we loaded up with flashlights and reflective vests and went out into the dark streets of north central, me, sauni, and 4 native ladies ha-ha  Eventually the sisters came to help us out to cause we had to run off to help another lady do a quick thing, so they filled in for us as we did that.  After the patrol we all sat in a circle again and smudged and talked again about everything.  The sisters did smudge however.  It was funny to watch, because they were trying not to cough as they did it.
The sisters left about 30 seconds before we did and I told them where I parked their car, because we used their car to help the lady and they got all scared because they thought someone might jump them as they walked the half block to their car.... So me being me I made it worse and scared them more and told them their car wasn't far from the lodge and they probably would get jumped ha-ha 
Right after they left I told Sauni to hurry up and we were going to run the sisters down on the way to their car and scare them!  So we ran out there and we got pretty close to them before they heard someone running up behind them and they lost it.  Sis Wilson was on the ground screaming bloody murder and sis peacock was tripping over herself to get away!!!! It was the best! They thought they were done for as they turned to see 2 guys running at them.  I wish I got it on video! Sis Wilson chased me around for a bit after that ha-ha 
On the way home from white pony me and Sauni saw a SWAT team sitting outside of a house not far from our place.  They had the big trucks and guys with riot shields everywhere it looked pretty intense!  Sauni got a video of that for us as we drove by.
Did a few blessings this week for people.  One for the sister’s investigator Janna to help her stop smoking.  We did that one right in the entrance of a women’s half way home with her sitting on a furnace that came out of the wall a little bit.  Kind of a different setting to do it but the spirit was still very strong as I gave that blessing to her. The other was for one of the member’s kids who was sick.  
Thunder got baptized here on Saturday!! It was super good!! By the time we got that baptism done we were so tired!  Everything fell apart the night before it.  Our 2 speakers were canceling on us and the programs weren’t printing right, and when we got to the church the gate to it was locked!!! So that put us behind a little bit.  But we made it all work in the end and it went super good!! The first thing thunder said to me after I baptized him was "I’m cold, but I’m happy!"   The water was cold.... ha-ha the previous people tampered with the water settings according to bishop.  it was warm when we got it going but the half hr. before must have been long enough to make it cold.

This week was a really good week for us!  And we are so glad it’s over! 

Love ya all, talk to you next week! 

Exchanges with Elder Baker

January 22, 2018

 Well here's an interesting thing that happened to me and Baker while on exchanges this week.  Me and him took north central which is supposedly the sketch part of Regina but compared to Flin Flon its nothing ha-ha still fun though, and that’s partly why I took that area for the day with Baker cause it was like Flin Flon and I knew I’d get a good story or two.  So we spent most the day trying not to fall on the ice that was everywhere for that rain last week, and that was fun!  Not too many people were home when we were knocking but the people that were home were nice and interesting to talk to.  One guy I talked to opened the door and I told him who were where and he stopped me and said in a loud voice "Go away I’m the devil!!"  and slammed the door ha-ha I don’t think he was.   If he’s the devil we all have nothing to be afraid of, because he’s 5' 5", has his hair up in a bun, and has a high voice.  Also ran into a not too sure if he’s JW that day.  He says he is JW but is more of just a tradition than a religion for him so we had a good chat with him on the steps.  
Super nice week here in Regina zone!! 5-10 all week!! It was the best! Todays -11 right now and its super warm for us.
esterday after church Sauni and I had a member lesson with the Redford’s.  We did the restoration with them and it went super good!  Got sis Redford to cry ;)  During the lesson she went back to her investigator self and played along to us practicing our lesson on them, so it was like we were teaching an actual lesson but no at the same time.  At the end we did a  little testimony like always but this time for some reason I let myself go a little more than I usually do and didn’t hold back some of what I felt and I don’t know it must have been what she needed cause she broke down and yeah, it was good.  She told us she could feel that our testimonies were from the heart and that what we shared was the truth, said she could feel it as we talked just like she could when she first started to listen to the missionaries.  The spirit was definitely there in the lesson.
Found a few new people this week while tracting!  Found a large 14yr old boy whose name is Nolan? We both thought he was 17 18 but nope he’s 14!!.... super great kid though!  
I’m not sure what the people here in Regina feed their kids but I’ve met some of the biggest 14yr old boys up here!  Not fat or nothing just tall!! They are all taller than me and Sauni, which isn’t saying much but still!! It’s crazy how big they are! 

Not too much else happened this week other than that good stuff!  

Love ya all, talk to ya next week!