Tuesday, 30 May 2017

Tempted in a Library?!

So to start off we got T-mail today! I’m with Elder Lewis now! Elder Tippets says that we should do some great work up here together, so let’s hope so!
This week it has been raining the whole time, so it’s been fun trying to keep dry.  Found a whole bunch of people we can teach though, so we got something good out of it I guess!  Had a lesson with Adele set for yesterday but when we got there she said she was too tired and to come back Tuesday, must have had a long night.
I don’t think I’ve ever been so tempted while sitting in a library in my life.  We had the internet down here for the past week or so, so we have been doing online at the library and when I’m waiting for my turn to go on I find myself wanting to read some of the books I see but I CANT!!! Well I shouldn’t...  never would have thought I’d say I was tempted in a library...

So we did lots of tracting this week, and for some reason I always have the doors where people are walking out as we walk up their steps and I scare them! Ha-ha I think it’s kind of funny, but it makes it hard to recover from that and be like "hey we are missionaries..." happened to me twice this week!  The one girl was about 15-16 and her and her friend we talking in side and it sounded like the one said there are some people at the door and the other one didn’t believe her so she went to check, and there we were… about put her on the ground when she saw someone was actually there ha-ha! The other was a drunk lady that opened her door right as I was about to knock on it and she about lost it too ha-ha.
One street we were tracting I guess 2-3 min before we got there the cops had put a bunch of kids under arrest and they were fighting a bit, so the one lady was a little concerned about us being out there knocking right now. 
There’s a bridge we walk across quite a bit kind of back on a nature trail type deal, and there is a bung of sucker fish we can see in the water so we usually try to stone one just for fun, but never have got one.  But the other day we got lucky and there was one right along the shore line just asking for us to get him.  So I got a big rock and dropped it right over top of him and sure enough I got'em!! Blew his head clean off!!!

There’s a guy we usually see walking around Flin Flon and he always says hi to us.  His name is Mink and he’s a native, who loves the elders!  The other day walking back from up town we saw him and he gave us knuckles and said “Good morning Elders!  Go pass out the word of God! I love you guys!" and kept on walking ha-ha he’s an interesting character.

 Well that’s pretty well it for interesting this this week.

Talk to you all next week!
Love ya!

Oh and I cut my own hair here this week, looks pretty good.

Riley sent these pictures awhile ago but I wasn't able to open them. I went finally just went into his mission email and pulled them off of there.
Helping pull a plane off the ice.

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