Tuesday, 16 May 2017

I Love My Cuzband!

Not too much happened this week for us, did lots a walking, and finding.  Had a few lessons! Got a baptismal date with Donald for May 27th so hopefully he follows through with that.  Donald is a former investigator who has been with the missionary's for quite some time now, but just doesn’t keep his commitments.  So he knows all the stuff, but he just doesn’t do anything about it...
Ran into lots a drunks this week who wanted to talk, or we wanted to talk to them ha-ha. One girl was so out of it, she was laying on the sidewalk calling to her friends to help her walk but they were all too busy drinking to hear her.  She finally crawled over to them and they helped her walk.  Kind of hard to watch people that are my age having that problem, and not knowing anything really different then that kind of life.  Makes me glad to have been raised the way I was!
Ran into two other guys last night who were pretty wasted.  The one was walking his little dog up towards us when we came out of a back ally, and he started yelling at the world saying "what is this!? I got these guys back here, and now I got the freakin Jehovah’s over here!" "What’s going on!?" so we figured we better set him straight and tell him we were LDS and not Jehovah’s ha-ha.  We got talking to him and he’s like "oh, Mormons!  Maybe I should change over to that! Then I can have many wives, but idk I got one ex-wife and that enough for me..."  He also told us his name was Hey Zeus, and then he’s like no no it’s Jesus Christ of latter day saints... or was it John Smith....?  About that time is when we started to end the conversation ha-ha he also told us his dogs name was Sammy after Samson in the bible.
Went out to the Pass this week to do some work there since we had lots a K's left over from the month, didn’t have to much success there sadly, but it was a good little trip.
Played man tracker here too, took 15mins to find this guy’s house that we street contacted the other day.  He said it was Apt 3 on 2nd street, we got there and it was a dump of a place and the numbers on the doors were written in pencil so we couldn’t really read them.  So we had 7 doors to try n read and we got doors 1, 2,4,5,7 but couldn’t find doors 3, and 6 on the place.  Finally we found the doors hidden back in the trees.  knocked on his door and there he was, but as usual he couldn’t meet with us right now so we should come back Tuesday... so that’s what we are going to do. At least we found his place.
We have exchanges here in Flin Flon on Wednesday with Thompson elders.  Should be interesting with me as Sr. companion... guess we'll see how I do.


 Well that’s all I got for the week really.

 Hope you all had a good week back home!
Love ya

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