Saturday, 29 April 2017

The Texan

This week has been pretty decent, still did lots of tracting but not as much as usual since we have all these sales company's out knocking.... starting to cause problems with our tracting plans.  On Saturday we were out tracting at 10am, the first door we knocked on wasn’t home, and as we walked out from behind the house there was JW's knocking on the front door, and down  at the other end of the street there was another herd of them!!  So we left that street and went to one across the road. With our luck we knocked on a street that they had already knocked to!! The guy wasn’t too happy about that, but once we told him we weren’t JW's he was a bit nicer.  So we ended up just heading back to the apts and doing companion study.

Sister Angell Jr. fed us on Saturday night.  Almost didn’t get to eat there though... her husband wasn’t there so we needed fellowship.  We sat out in the car for 25min before they found Bro. Gwin who was more than happy to come eat her food! So we were glad he was around so we could eat!  She had a bunch of food, we didn’t even eat most of it because she had so much!  And she was worried she wouldn’t have enough for everyone :)


People up here still ask me if I’m from Texas, and they are shocked when I say "nope Alberta".  Tippets doesn’t think I sound like a Texan but everyone else seems to.


Had a little prayer with Raymond, an Indian buddy of ours that we said a prayer for probably my first week out, guess he needs the blessings.  He always comes to us at the weirdest times, and places but hey if you want the elders to pray for you I guess you gotta do that.


Got lucky here yesterday and didn’t have to give my Sunday school lesson!  Sister Angell sr showed up and took over for me. I was more than happy to give her the lesson.


Found a few new investigators this week.  Richard, Donald, and Joseph.  They are all very interesting individuals, but they are still children of god.  That’s about all for our week up here in Flin Flon, not too much exciting but that’s alright.


Hope everyone is doing good back home!


Love you all!


Talk to you next week!
                                                                                                   Riley enjoys photography like his mom.

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