Thursday, 20 April 2017

Knockin in a Blizzard

Well his week was pretty long and cold.  Most the week we did finding, and most the time it was snowing, so that made it awesome!  People looked at us like we were crazy when we knocked on their door out there in the blizzard, and 99 percent of them didn’t want to talk with us.  Two houses were especially fun... one lady came out and told us to get our Jesus crap off her property and that she’s a roman catholic she doesn’t need our Jesus crap!  The other lady told us to get the heck off her steps and to never come back! because apparently we had been there three times already.  All you can do really when that happens is laugh and go to the next door.  

Found Roger this week finally, taught him a lesson and read the Book of Mormon with him for a bit, but we'll see what happens there...

 We saw Kurt for the first time this week not drunk outta his mind, had a good little talk with him, didn’t get a lesson with him but we did find out he’s found a job that'll hopefully keep him busy and away from drinking.
Found a new investigator this week so it wasn’t all bad!  His name is Thanuj or TJ since tippets can’t say his name ha-ha.  He seems pretty solid from what we can tell, now we just gotta convert him to Mormonism.
Had a lesson with Shyann yesterday for the first time since I’ve been here.  She even called us up to have us come over.  We taught her the restoration since she had forgotten pretty well everything they taught her before.  Sounds like she’s done with the party life finally!
I gave a talk in church yesterday on Christ and his Atonement.  Seemed to go pretty well.  Had a bunch of less actives there for it so hopefully it helped them a bit. 
After church we thought our branch was going to self-destruct...  I guess Pres. Garrett sent a few kids home with their parents because they were being too crazy.  That didn’t go over well with the natives that showed up for the first time in months, they all figure they are getting picked on cause none of the white kids get told to be quiet or nothing.  So me and Tippets left ASAP so we didn’t get pulled into the middle of all that.  Hopefully the branch can learn not to be so sensitive to all this stuff or it will fall apart here in Flin Flon...
But yeah that’s how our week went for us, hopefully this week is a lot better and a lot warmer.
I wish I was home to see Shaylee but I’ll be home soon enough.

Love you all!  I’ll talk to you next week!

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