Thursday, 20 April 2017

Exchanges in Thompson

Well this week has been super busy, but really good.

 We had exchanges with the Elders in Thompson on Wednesday-Friday.  On the way up, me and tippets saw some beavers on the side of the road, so we stopped quick and tried to stone them, but no luck...

 Wednesday we had ZTM (zone training meeting), learned a few things there, and got some sleep during it too... it was over Skype so they couldn’t tell we were all asleep for some of it.  Had a cool experience with street contacting up there.  So it was the 3rd guy me and elder Gee talked to since we started, and he stopped and we talked for a while and I guess he was into drugs pretty bad till one day here this last week he was sitting in the smoke of all his buddy’s and he got this feeling that he needed to change his life.  So he stood up and cussed them out and told them to clean up their lives and hasn’t looked back since.  He’s been at these little drug and alcohol meetings for the past few days trying to quit, even said he was going to come to our church on Sunday but didn’t make it, so he said he would come this week to church.  He thought it was kind of cool that we happened to run into him on the street there when he was thinking about our church, so we got some contact info and then he was gone.  The next ones to come up the street were mine to talk to, and it was a family of 5.  I stopped them and got talking, did my usual hey we are missionary's from the....and we are sharing a message today about Christ today and how through his gospel we can find peace in this life and it will bring love and comfort into our family....  Something like that anyway, and this lady started to cry, we didn’t know why or anything, and then she said to us, "now I know for sure someone is out there watching over me and my family."  So we asked her a little bit about what she meant by that and she told us that she had been praying this whole week to have some kind of answer to a question she had, and there we were walking right at her and stopped to talk to her.  It was a very cool thing to see how the Lord works with all of us and makes things happen for those in need.  So we got all her contact info too and she seems like she was really wanting to know what we had to say, and how we could help her, so hopefully Thompson Elders can help her out.

  Also almost got kidnapped with elder Gee that day...some drunk Indian really wanted elder gees day planner, but elder gee wouldn’t give it to him ha-ha so they got into a little argument over it, and then the guy just tried to take elder gee since he wouldn’t part with his note book!!  Luckily the guy’s daughter saw him doing this and came to save us.

  Me and Elder Darley got sent off together on Thursday, not sure that was the best idea considering we are both still in training, but it was fun!  Didn’t get into any crashes on the road, and didn’t get backed into any corners with peoples Qs on the door.  We were however late getting home... by 6min.  We got stuck on a ladies door for 25min talking about miracles, and how she raised her husband from the dead with her faith in god.  She was interesting, but super fun to talk to!  As we left she stopped us and asked how old we were and we said 18, and she’s like oh my daughters 17.  Whatever she meant by that we don’t wanna know ha-ha.

  When we got home Friday it was 20 out so that was a nice change from -5 in Thompson.

 Found 2 new investigators that night too!  Peg and Joe, they are in their 60s, and have been to every church it sounds like, except ours.  So we talked with them for an hour and a half, Peg loves to talk!
But they invited us back for a lesson and an early dinner tomorrow with them, so we are pretty excited about that!
We have 4 dinner appointment's set up this week.  One with Peg and Joe, Then the Davis's, then Sister Angell Jr, and then the Cormack’s on Easter Sunday!  So we are going to have lots to eat this week.

  Elder Tippets gave me the lead in a lesson this week finally! But guess what the topic was, Law of chastity.... Luckily it was with Gordy, a member in our ward that comes to all our lessons with us when we need him, so it wasn’t too bad.

  Guess the mission is having a bed bug problem again.... so we are all on spring cleaning duty today so that we can try to keep some of the apartments from getting them.  Ours is pretty clean, so we aren’t too worried about them in our place.  But I’ve seen a few others that I could see having them...

  Well that’s about all for this week!

  Miss you all, but I’ll see you soon! Love ya!

Tippets and I are going to be here in Flin Flon untill he "dies" in June. I may even be here till July or August.

Picture of me out side of Thompson by a sign.


Forgot my pillow and under armor long johns in Thompson..... So I got to wait a month to get those back now.

  I like the sheep! (Easter pkg from home)
 Elder Gee and elder tippets jacked my camera during exchanges!

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