Monday, 3 April 2017

Zone Conference in Brandon, MB

Well this week has been pretty good I’d say. We had Zone conference on Friday down in Brandon, so we drove 8hrs on Thursday to get there.  Found Dallin’s (Riley's friend from Glenwood) grandparents on the way to Brandon, they gave us dinner along the way so that was nice! They even gave us lunch on the way back from Zone conference!

I gave a talk in Zone conference on the importance of obedience, and for all of you that know me, that’s a hard subject for me to talk on because I am not the most obedient one out there, but I think it went well.

Going down to Brandon was like going to Florida, it was plus 10 there and no snow!!  It was -10 back in Flin Flon and snowing when we were gone.  It was really nice yesterday, -5 and sun!!

We didn’t know if we were going to be able to go to church yesterday, all of our priesthood was supposed to be gone, so that meant we wouldn’t have any fellowship there for us.  Lucky for us Bro. Longmore called us like 10 min. before church and said he was going to be there! Elder Tippets and I taught Sunday school and priesthood, since everyone was "sick" but it was good practice I guess for us.   

We got a new baptismal date this week with Roger, one of our new investigators we meet on Monday.  He’s set for April 29 2017 and we are praying he follows through.  We also don’t think he can read, so that’s making it hard for him and us to read the B of M with him, but we are getting somewhere with him anyhow.  

Did lots of tracting again this week, haven’t found anyone new yet sadly, but oh well we can’t knock all of Flin Flon and not have someone interested in what we have to say, I hope...

I have a feeling this week is going to be a good week, so I’m excited to see what happens!

The work here is tough but I know that in the end whatever effort we put into this place something good will come of it.  

Love you all and I hope your all doing good back home!

Hope you can read my letter and work through my spelling errors.

 I want to know if you get fed by others, or if it's you and your comp making your meals? 

 It’s us making most of our stuff. Dallin’s Grandma has fed us the most, and she’s in Dauphin 5hrs away.  Haven’t been fed here in Flon yet... but we are hoping to be fed soon.

Oh and one thing I forgot to tell in my big letter.  We got stuck on wed. out on one of the ice roads in Denare Beach... We were on our way home and Tippets wanted to show me the ice roads.  Right was we went out to them and got going I knew it was a bad idea, but we kept going and the snow got deeper and deeper till we finally got stuck in our little Nissan.... so we tried for a while to get out but no luck. So we tried a few members homes, but all the men were gone.....walked across the lake to bro Angels place and nothing there either.  By this time it was 9:30, so it was past time to be home.  Our last resort was to try our new friend we met only 2hrs before, Scott Thompson, a less active who hasn’t been to church in 30yrs and a brother in-law to Bob King that kid singer that came to Raymond forever ago.  Anyway he was nice enough to come and help us get out, but not even his truck could get out to us so we pushed our way out and got home at 10:20!  We are planning on going back to Scott’s place to split wood or something now for helping us out that late at night!  


Love ya talk to you next week 


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