Tuesday, 21 March 2017

...You Know You Made a Difference in Someone's Life.

Well this week has gone by a lot faster, thank goodness!! 
Been tracting a lot lately, probably at least 2-3hrs a day if not more.  Found an older couple, Rod and Wendy, that we taught this week from tracting, but I don’t think Wendy really likes us.  Rod was pretty interested in what we had to say though!  Wendy has her own religion and Rod is just kinda there it seems.  We kind of have an invitation to come back to their place, they said when it’s warm and we can sit outside to come back ha-ha so we'll see.
We have a new investigator named John that we found this week, he’s a little odd but he’s good. I like teaching him.  We have a lesson with him again this week on Wednesday I do believe. 
Finally met Kurt, he’s 62 and an interesting guy to go teach, or try to teach.  He had a near death experience the day before we came to see him, guess he blacked out on the sidewalk and thought that was it for him, he was gone.  But they got him to the hospital and told him he was perfectly fine.  So the lesson was on the plan of salvation for him since that’s what he wanted to know.  He was like, I can’t die now! who’s going to take care of my place and do all this stuff I’ve started!? Things like that.  So we tried to help him understand a bit better what would happen and all, but between him and his buddy John, when they are a little drunk and John is smoking a cigarette  the whole time, and they both need to wiz every 10min it was kind of hard ha-ha but it was fun.  Tippets was frustrated I could tell, but hey you just gotta kinda roll with it when they aren’t all there.  By the end of the lesson I feel he understood the stuff a bit more, even if he was a little drunk.
Found out that lessons are a little harder when you have people cussing in the background at each other telling them to clean up their mess, or when their dogs are messing around.  But we try to maintain the spirit and somehow through all the chaos we manage to feel it, and we can tell they feel it too.
Every house here it seems has at least one dog, and 99% of them bark at you.  Haven’t been eaten yet though or chased so I can’t complain too much!  There was one dog that was at least 3ft wide, looked like a mini buffalo. 
You would be surprised at how many religions there are out here.  I’m not even sure that some are even religions though, and I didn’t think there was so many that don’t believe in God, it’s kind of sad to see.  They are the ones that are the worst it seems when we knock on their doors. One guy was waving his hands at us and whistling at us to get off his porch ha-ha I just laughed at him and went to the next place. People are weird.
Gonna see how good Tippets is with haircuts today.... hope it turns out good!  To be honest though I’m a little nervous ha-ha
That’s about all I have for this week.  Miss you all.

I know that I’m in the right place though, and I have a reason for being sent to this area. Some days are a little rough, but it’s the days you are walking home late at night and you can smell the cigarette smoke blowing off Elder Tippets and myself, that you know you made a difference in someone’s life that night.  I love this gospel, I know it’s true and that it can bless families if we try to use it every day and stay strong in it. 

I love you all.
                                            Elder Tippets

I asked him a couple questions. these are his answers:

I'm teaching a lesson in church this next week. We had about 15-20 people out this week, but it sounds like we'll have like 10 maybe this next week.... 

You could pray for me not to be home sick, in the morning while I’m studying and eating breakfast... it’s been bad the last few days, but it’s getting better. Just need to stay busy.
                                                  A real igloo


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