Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Off to Winnipeg

Hi family.  Hope you get my letter and all the pics.  Leaving the MTC at 4am tomorrow.  Probably try and call you once I hit Canada, or the mission home, so some place between noon and 5, idk really but we are supposed to be in Winnipeg about 4.

 Spirit animals of our district:

Nelson: horse

Mclean: bird

Childs: cat with hand sanitizer 

Young: Giraffe

Thompson: fox

Dryden: sea otter 

Street: dog

Madsen (the one who drew it all): mouse. 


Well, it’s the last day at the MTC.  Crazy it’s over already, kinda wish it was longer but I guess I’m ready to go...

This week has been great.  Mclean and I got 2 of the 3 investigators/ TRCs to commit to baptism.

One was our PI and that lesson was by far the most spiritual one we've had this whole time here.  We asked him to think about baptism the lesson before this one, and he said he would so we asked what he decided in this lesson.  He said he didn't know if he could do it, and that he was scared his family wouldn't like him anymore for becoming L.D.S. and leaving the Catholic Church.  Another thing was, he didn't want to be baptized in case this really wasn’t true.  So this was kind of a hard lesson to know what to do. We sat there for a while, just silently listening to him, and listening for what we should say.  I told him that life is full of surprises and we can’t know everything that’s gonna happen all at once.  In order for us all to grow, and become better we have to take those big steps, without those big steps we would never know what we can become or what we missed out on because we were scared.  We sat there in silence again for a while and we could tell he was thinking.  I got this feeling that I should tell ask him why he keeps coming to these lessons if he doesn’t think what we are teaching is true, but I was thinking to myself, what if that turns him away or what if this or what if that, finally I just gave in and asked him.  I don’t remember what he said but I know that the question that had come into my head was something that the spirit needed me to ask, and we believe that was the question that turned his thoughts around, and had him say yes. Mclean was almost in tears by the end of that lesson, and I’ll admit that I was close too... the spirit was definitely there in that lesson, and without it we never would have gotten a yes. 

The musical number we did on Sunday was alright, could have gone better.  But for only a week of practice and 15 min a day it was good I guess. 

My hair cut was alright, not like mama cuts it though.  They didn’t even cut a straight line in the back, so I had clean touch it up with my razor.  

Done lots of street contacting practice this week, so we think we are already...

Yesterday was our last day together as a district, Dryden, Street, and Young left this morning at 3am for their mission.  So we had kind of a relaxed day.  Sister Childs had a little container full of this goop that when you pushed it down at made a farting sound so we, being the good missionary's we are, walked around or waited for someone to come past our class, and she would make that sound.  One group of sisters we did it to, they ran around the corner of the hall holding their noses, it was good.  We've finally gotten to the point that we thought we would never get to, where we start going so insane from being at the MTC that we do those kind of things.

This morning we went to the temple for the last time, it was good to have nothing to worry about for a while.  Saw Derrick again there, that’s the guy that gave us an investigator last week, talked to him for a bit.  

Now we are back at the MTC doing laundry and writing emails, then we gotta go pack... 

Next time you hear from me I’ll be in Winnipeg.  

Love you all, miss ya a bunch. Only 23 months to go. 

Be BOLD in listening to what the spirit tells you



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