Monday, 13 March 2017

Flin Flon, Manitoba

Well I’m finally in the field!! I’m up in Flin Flon, Manitoba, about as far out as the mission goes Elder Tippets says. He’s my trainer, only got 3ish months left on his mission.

As soon as we were introduced to our new comps, me and Elder Tippets headed out to Cabela’s to get some stuff he was needing, then went tracting in Winnipeg for about 6hrs, that was a cold night tracting like -40ish.  But we got a lesson for the Elders there with a guy named John so that was good.

In the morning we left for Flin Flon.  It took 8hrs to get out here... long day of driving, and a lot of singing in the car to mo tab, haha, we still got a ways to go before we are as good as them.

Saturday we did our planning for this week, then came to the church here to get my FB set up, did some tracting again. We had a lesson with Angie, she’s an investigator who has committed to baptism, had a member Gordy come with us to help out but Angie wasn’t able to do the lesson because her baby was sick.  We met her husband Ken, seems like we could get him in on the lessons too.  So since her lesson didn’t work we went and taught Gordy at his place.  Gordy is 62 and still smokes a bit but comes to church every week, and still doesn’t remember much of the lessons so he was happy to have us teach him again.  

Sunday was interesting here, we only had 10, maybe 15 people show.  Branch prez gave a talk. Meeting here are only 45 min so it goes from 10-12 and church is done.  After church we took sacrament to Jemima since she couldn’t make it to church with her knee bugging her. She’s a funny old native lady.  Did some tracting, and potential investigator visits later and then came home.

Days are pretty busy out here but that’s alright I like it.  knocking doors is probably the funnier part of the day ha-ha cause you get some funny looks when its 8:30 at night, freezing cold and these two boys knock on your door wanting to teach about Jesus.  Most people say no, but that’s okay, we just go to the next door and bug that person!

The fresh air our here is a little different then back home, here the fresh air smells like weed and perfume, so we've got a lot of work to do here. 

Every night we come home we smell like smoke from people’s homes, but all that means is that we must be doing something right. I love the people here, even if they are sometimes a little rude on the door but all you can do is smile when that happens.

Miss you all back home, but I can already tell this 2yr stuff is gonna fly right by.  So I’ll see you on the other side of two years! Love you all.

Apartments pretty good! Enough space for the two of us to find something to brake eventually ha-ha 
Elder tippets is my trainer, he’s pretty great.  He’s from Utah, worked on a sheep farm, used to live out on a church ranch when he was little so we got a bit in common to talk about!
Last night we made freezer burnt burgers and fries with bad mayo and some good cheese!  Livin high up here, and I’m loving it!  No sarcasm there, for real I like it here even if the food is sketchy! 
Tippets is pretty clean to so our place isn't nasty like some of the places I stayed at on the way to Flin Flon, so that’s a bonus!
Well I gotta go, talk to you all next week!
Send me my cowboy boots the lace up ones to work in, my old jeans with the mark on the zipper, my rope, and whip, oh and my belt.  If you could do that I would love that! And some junk food:) I don’t want to buy all that my self ha-ha!

                                      First class fight to Winnipeg!

                                                Elder Tippets

View from the home place, that’s our little white Nissan car by the power stroke. 
                            Dinner: Freezer burnt burgers and fries.



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