Tuesday, 30 May 2017

Missionary Tan

Well today has been kind of crazy, internet wasn't working at the church so we got a hold of bro Longmore and thankfully he was around so we could use his computer.
This week has been pretty good! Did lots of tracking and walking around town, got a nice tan around our necks from our buttons being done up to the top… call it the mission tan ha-ha
Met a few interesting people this week and heard a few interesting comments.  had a couple kids ask if we were with god, then on the way by them again the one kid was to shy to ask us a question so his buddy helped him out and asked if we are the guys that go around and make people?…
One guy wouldn't let us out of his drive way yesterday because he wanted to keep talking to us about everything under the sun and how our generation is crappy and how much Flin Flon has changed and how no one is smart ha-ha
Got to teach Sunday school yesterday, Sister Angell called Saturday night at 8:30 asking if I could teach. I said sure, even though we didn't have a manual to look at so we could prepare. I got sacrament meeting to prep.  But I think the lesson went really well actually, way better than my last lesson.  This lesson was on the importance of temple attendance.
Ummm not too much else really happened this week that I can think of, just the usual mission life I guess.

 Talk to you next week!
Love you all.

If I don't get to email you today I’ll for sure email you next week! Kind of in a rush since we are behind schedule.



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