Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Ming and Jian

Well another week come and gone!  We had exchanges here on Tuesday and Wednesday, that was pretty good. Elder Bennett from Taber and I had an interesting exchange... We had a first lesson with a new investigator Angus, and that went super well! We set a date with him to be baptized on June 3rd and he was like yes, I'd be honored to be baptized into this church!! We almost got him to church yesterday, but he must have fell asleep again after we knocked on his door, next time I guess. After that lesson with Angus we had a lesson with Sister Castel.  We met her outside her place cause she was just coming back from Wal-Mart or something, so we were talking outside and these 2 drunk Indians came over and started talking to Elder Bennett and I, they wanted us to come to their deal they had in court the next day and testify for them ha-ha but we said no we couldn’t do that.  Elder Bennett said we can give you a card though if you want to learn about Jesus, he hands them a card, the guy he gave it to spit at the ground and threw the card down and was like no!! Then he whipped out these condoms holding them out to us and was telling us what we could do with them and where to go.... You should have seen Elder Bennett’s face ha-ha we didn’t take them so he threw them on the ground too, and we started to head with sister Castel into her home about that time and these two followed us right on in.... I was thinking to myself well this lesson is going down the drain, we aren’t going to get the spirit in here with these two!  But she saw they came in and she kicked them out for us! ha-ha and the one was asking sister Castel when he could come see his sexy women again... it was an interesting start to our lesson we'll just say that.
Elder Darley and I had a funny thing happen to us tracting the next day.  We knocked on this door and a little native kid opened the door and bolted out from behind the door around the corner as he opened it thinking I guess that we were going to run inside after the door opened or something.  But that got Elder Darley laughing and he couldn’t stop, but finally he gained control and asked the kid if his mom was home, so he went and got her saying “Jesus Christ is here!!!"  She didn’t come to the door, but we did get a return appointment for the next day! So that was exchanges for us, lots a fun! Ha-ha got to haul a plane off the ice too for Bro Angell, that was a gong show and a half, but it was fun!   We also split wood for him after that.  We also went to the Campbell's to clean up their leaves for them.  We did service most the second day of the exchange.
We got ZC or zone conference here this week, so we won’t be in Flin Flon for the next couple days.  We get to go do some more training and all that good stuff in Brandon.  I think Dallin’s grandparents are even feeding us at some point on our way down there, or on the way back.  So that'll be nice!
Well that’s about all for the week out here in the Flon.

 Oh I almost forgot… we taught a super nice Chinese family here yesterday.  Ming and Jian, but sadly they are going back to china here in a week or so for a yr. and then coming back, so we won’t get to teach them again.  But Ming said she would read the B of M and maybe become a member of our church!!  The lesson with them was a little different than the usual, cause we had to stop every once in a while to have her translate to Jian what we were saying, but it was a cool experience!  Just wish they were staying around longer!  They have only been here for a couple of weeks, so they are fresh from china.
Well I’ll talk to you all next week! Love ya    

 I think we'll Skype Sunday at 4:30,  4:30 your time! I’m going to cry forever.... I don’t know if I’ll call.....

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