Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Our New Friend Sarah

Hey everyone, hope all the mothers out there had a good Mother’s Day!  I think my mom did!
So this week we had ZC in Brandon, that was a long drive down and back.  Rained most the way down.  We stopped and did some work in The Pas on the way, got a new investigator there! Her name is Arosie, really nice native lady with 4 little kids.  So hopefully we can get them all baptized into the church of Jesus Christ, later today we have a Skype lesson with her.
We also stopped at a lady’s house that texted us the day before we came down to The Pas, so we stopped in at her place to see her.  Guess she has met with us before from what tippets has told me, and she is a little off her rocker if you know what I mean ha-ha.  But we stopped anyway and had a quick 3min lesson with her since she didn’t have any fellowship with her.  She said she was going to hitch hike to Flin Flon to make it to church yesterday, but we never heard anything from her after that, and she didn’t show up...so who knows what happened.
Got a new friend while we were down in Brandon, her name is Sarah and she is a Black box that tells us if we are speeding, not wearing our seat belt, or if we are hitting pot holes to hard.... luckily she doesn’t talk to us very much!  We’ve done some experimenting though with her to see what will make her talk to us, but haven’t got her to yell at us for anything other than when tippets took his seat belt off.  So she’s okay.
Got Dallin’s grandparents feeding me and tippets like kings over here when we go through Dauphin!  It’s been pretty nice, too bad we only go through there once a month.
It snowed here yesterday...and rain when it wasn’t snowing. 
We have a new Baptismal date with a lady named Kathleen for June 10th!  We think she will come along decent, she’s willing to do anything we ask her to do really.  She said she’d read and pray and come to church if we found her a ride! So we gotta get on that.
Talking to my family was pretty good! Did a lot better than I thought I would when seeing them, only shed a couple tears... but that’s all Shaylee’s fault she started first.  But it was good to talk to them and hear all their voices, wish I could have talked to all of you!
Trying to think of what else happened this week that was interesting, but I’m not getting much....Just did a lot of driving, walking, and sitting. 
Oh, President Craig in our interview told me I better be ready for him to lean on me a lot.... so I guess what Tippets has been telling me is going to happen.  I’m going to be in leadership or something once all the older missionaries are gone.  Not too sure how I feel about that yet. 
Well that’s about all for the week really, not too much going on here in the Flon.

Miss you all!  Love ya! Talk to you next week!


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