Wednesday, 14 June 2017

Happy 19th Birthday!!!

Well this week hasn’t been too adventurous, been sick most of the week:/ did a lot of driving to get tippets off for home and to pick up elder Lewis!
After tippets left I was with the ZLs all day waiting for the transfer train to come back to Brandon with all the other elders and elder Lewis.  So we did some service at the soup kitchen for a while, then we took the new Spanish elder to a lady’s house and we did a prank on him.  The plan was to have her answer the door and start to yell at us to leave and that she had told us not to come back and that she was meeting with the JWs then slam the door, and we are going to walk on in and try to change her mind.  So we get there all that happens and the whole time the new elder was like I am not going in there I’ll stay out here!  But we eventually got him in and then he wouldn’t take his shoes off till Elder Bingham was like come on its okay take them off ha-ha.  We all got a pretty good laugh, and after he thought it was pretty funny too.
That night we drove to dauphin to stay with the Fawns for the night.  We drove the rest of the way home in the morning.  9hrs later.....we made it!
Finished my bull whip just before tippets left so now I’m starting a little 4' one today with the left over cord.

Got a lesson with Adele just before tippets left to.  She is awesome! Lot a work to do but I think she might be the one to be baptized, we hope!
Elder Lewis is from Monticello Utah, he’s 20 and has till October and he’s done out here, loves to farm and be out doors.  Reminds me a lot of Morgan berry with some of the things he says n does. 
Yesterday after church the branch sang happy birthday to me.... man I hate that.  Then the Angell’s jr. gave me a cake, chocolate, and a fidget toy.  Pretty sweet.

 NickyJ and I, yes that’s his name, he’s 8and he wanted to see who was faster, so me and him raced to elder Lewis.  So we raced and man is he fast! Ha-ha jk but I didn’t want to be mean and kill his little 8yr old dreams.  He thought that was pretty awesome!
then we played soccer down in Aspen Grove with a bunch of little Indian kids, elder Lewis made one of them cry ha-ha not on purpose he was just in the wrong spot at the wrong time. The kids were like he’s fine! He’ll cry for a little and be good don’t worry!  So we kept playing.  We "lost". 

 That’s pretty well the week for ya!
Love you all, talk to you next week!

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