Wednesday, 14 June 2017

Elder Nelson in Nelson House

  Well not a whole lot has been going down up here in the Flon lately, we have been gone for 2-3 days a week for the last bit so that’s been kind of crappy.  But we have a game plan that we think will bring us all the "Gold".  We spent most of one day going through our area book and looking for less actives and former investigators we should go stop by and then we put everyone into a few binders that we have in the car now, and so far we are doing decent with the people we have stopped by.  We figure that the people who have been exposed to the gospel already might be easier to get to then those who have had their door knocked on by us before from tracting.  We will still do tracting, so don’t worry I’ll still have some good tracting stories!
This week we had exchanges in Thompson, and right now they are doing some work on a Rez called Nelson House so they thought it would be cool to have Elder Nelson in Nelson House.  So that’s were I spent most the exchange at and it was definitely and interesting place.  Lots of people to talk to, just wish they weren’t all drunk ha-ha.  One guy I street contacted into I was like "hey how are ya!?" and this guy Told me to bug off which led me to laughing at him while I walked away.  He didn’t like that though, so he tried to get me to stop laughing at him by telling me off again but I just kept on laughing.  Got to love people like that.  Elder Darley thought me and that guy were going to throw down!  I was ready ha-ha I’m in need of a good fight!

Elder Lewis he has this thing he likes to do all the time, and that’s tease drunks... Hey I think it’s the best thing ever cause they don’t get any of his little cracks at them, but it makes me laugh and I can’t hold it back so I’m just waiting for us to get into a fight one of these times.  Here’s an example of what he does.  So there’s theses 2 guys both drunk outta their mind and we talked to them for a bit about nothing all that important, and as we start to walk away one calls out to us " hey ARE YOU Mormon?" and elder Lewis turns around and is like "No we aren’t Mormon, he died a long time ago!"  And I just couldn’t hold back.

 Another time there was a guy sitting on the ground and he stopped us and wanted some money.  But not elder Lewis’s 15 cents.  So we went and did our thing we came to do and we had to walk past him again to get to the car and he stops us again and is says "PLEASE JUST HELP ME OUT" So Elder Lewis he reaches over to this tree and takes to leafs off it, then says "here I’ll tell you what I can do for ya, I'll give you one leaf....Naw let’s make it two then sets down the other one with is ha-ha I was like man he’s going to kill you, and me cause I’m laughing but he didn’t so we are still alive.  But that’s what elder Lewis likes to do and I told him by the end of our time together we will have probably gotten in a fight with some drunk.  He agreed...
Did some cleaning in our Apt this week when we got home at night.  We went into our Narnia closet and we found all sorts of stuff.  Everything from Grandma Greys Banana rain coat to a pretty nice key board!! We were both pretty excited about that!  So we set it up and now we have a piano at our place!
Oh and on exchanges elder Bennett and I got a parking ticket..... I hate parking in Thompson.  The ticket  was 177$ but if we paid it by a certain time we got 50% off! So we ran to the town office and paid it!  So it wasn’t too bad but it still sucked.  That’s the last time I listen to Elder Bennett on where to park ha-ha

  Well that’s pretty well the week for ya!
 I’ll talk to you next week!

Love ya all.

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