Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Can You Say a Prayer for Me?

 Schools done up here so I’d assume it’s done back home now too.  Kids are all over the place wanting to play with us now! Yesterday me and Lewis went after church for a little and played a game of baseball with about 10 of them, all under the age of 13, and mostly girls, so it wasn’t all that intense of a game but it was fun!
So there’s this girl that we only know over the phone and is supposedly in Flin Flon, and wants to meet with us and come to church. Her name is Waverly, she’s 18-19 yrs. old and has had a lot to do with the missionary's in Africa, weird I know, makes you wonder how she ended up here.  Anyway she isn’t baptized.  Somehow got our number here and called us a week or so ago and told us all this stuff.  We hadn’t heard from her in a while, and she didn’t show to church like she said she was going to.  She called us late one night the beginning of the week, well late like 10:00 late ha-ha and she told elder Lewis how she’s like "dying" and has some crazy sickness, kind of like I have.  So we talked to her for a bit then she said she was going to go to bed and we ended the call.   3min later she calls again, wanted to talk about something else, then she said she needed to get to bed, ended the call.  5min later she called again, and Lewis is like I’m not talking to her again! So he tosses me the phone.... I’ve never talked to her before only listened in on the conversations, so that was interesting.  She thought like everyone else does that I was from Texas.  Anyway she’s like can you say a prayer for me? I was like yeah I guess I could do that, I wasn’t going to say no ha-ha so I said a prayer for her over the phone right there sitting in my desk.  As awed as it was at the time, if I was not out on a mission I probably would have never got to have that experience.  Having someone who I had never met call and ask for me to say a prayer for them, knowing that they could feel comfortable enough to call on the elders to give them a little extra help and support in what they were going through at that time. After that she said good night and that was all we heard from her that night. 
The next day the ZLs came up for exchanges.  I went with Magelby and Lewis went with Bingham. Me and Magelby spent the night walking around contacting potentials.  One place we went to stop at was more in the sketch part of town.  As we were walking that way we could hear cop cars coming our way but didn’t think nothing of it.  Turns out the place right next to where we were going to knock had a bit of a problem and 3 cop cars pulled up and they rushed in.... So we stood by watching this, Magelby thought this was awesome because in Brandon it’s boring I guess.  So we watched them haul a guy out cuffed and all, tell him his rights n what not, then stick him in the car, and the whole time this is going in the guy is yelling from this kid we were talking to get his honey for him, but the kid we were sure was hiding stuff from the cops so he didn’t help him.  About the time the guy goes in the car is "honey" shows up yelling for him and screaming at the cops! Finally they take the guy away and things kind of start to calm down.  Me and Magleby stood by for a bit longer to see if we might have a chance to talk to who we came to talk to, but it didn’t happen.  Standing there though we got 3 potentials! Ha-ha
The next day with them we did service out at bro Angell Sr's place hauling and cutting wood with his new splitter.  Eventually it started pouring rain on us but we didn’t stop.  We had things set to a science by the time we were done there.  Magleby hauled the wood to me I stuck it up on the splitter and Angell cut it then Lewis chucked it to Bingham and he stacked it.  We were working at a pretty fast pace too I guess cause it only took 1 1/2hrs to do what shoulda taken 2-3hrs.
The next day as was expected Lewis was sick and I was for an hour or so too, so we spent most the day in the Apt.  I read 6 chapters on the Jesus the Christ and 10 chapters of the b of m sitting around that day, so that way good. Lewis slept all day.  After lunch it was raining but we went out anyway and did a little work.  Turned out that’s what we were supposed to do.  We were walking down the road and two guys pulled over and stopped us.  Keith and Evan Hinckley the dads from Calgary (member) and the son lives in the Flon (non-member)  they were looking for when church starts so we told them and we talked for a bit, then they were gone. 
The next day we went out that night to go see some people and Lewis was like we not driving?  I told him no, so we walked out on the board walk and lo and behold there they were again! So we talked and Keith set up a lesson with us that night to come teach him and his son the Plan of Salvation. So later we went and taught them part of the plan, we didn’t get to finish it that night because it was 10:00....but they said we would see us at church the next day. They came to church and it was really good lessons for Evan cause it talked out finding faith and staying strong through hard times. After church Keith was like hey you want to come for lunch, have a BBQ? So we said yes!!! After lunch we finished our lesson with him.  Man the spirit that was there when Keith told his son that we were sent there at this time to help Evan and be his friend was so amazing and then he told Evan how much he loves him and how he will NEVER give up on him until his is saved, it was just awesome.  Words can describe what was felt there. 
 Keith left for home yesterday and left it up to us to keep his son on track!
That was pretty well our week! 

Talk to you next week and love you all!

 A gift from the kids in the branch!  They are on our fridge now! Not the kids, the pictures ha-ha

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